Education District, Bakersfield

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Education District
District of Bakersfield
Location of the Civic Center in Downtown Bakersfield.
Location of the Civic Center in Downtown Bakersfield.
Education District
Location within Downtown Bakersfield
Coordinates: 35°22′41″N 119°0′59″W / 35.37806°N 119.01639°W / 35.37806; -119.01639
Country United States
State California
County Kern County
City Bakersfield

Education District is a district in Downtown Bakersfield, California. It's predominant business are satellite campuses for both public and private colleges and universities. Unlike several other districts in downtown, the Education District did not come about because of formal planning. It instead developed because like businesses decided to locate themselves together.


In the 1970s, Bakersfield College would established a satellite campus in a former department store. Although not known as the Education District at the time, it was the first college to establish a presence downtown.[1] In 1997, the Bakersfield City School District established the Downtown Elementary School nearby.[2] When University Square was constructed in 2001, which served as a satellite campus for UC Merced and Santa Barbara Business College, the education district had been formally established.

Educational institutions[edit]

The following educational institutions are located in the district:


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