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A public school in Bishkek
Osh State University

Education in Kyrgyzstan is compulsory for nine years, between ages seven and 15.[1] Following four years of primary and five years of lower secondary school, the system offers two years of upper secondary school, specialized secondary school, or vocational/technical school.[1] In 2001 some 89 percent of the relevant age-group was enrolled in the compulsory program, but this figure has decreased in the early 2000s.[1] In 2005 some 49 institutions of higher learning were operating, most notably Kyrgyz State University, Kyrgyz Technical University, Medical Institute, Osh State University,[2] Asian Medical Institute, Kyrgyzstan,[3] and Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University.[1] The majority of primary and secondary schools teach in Kyrgyz, but the language of instruction in the higher institutions is Russian.[1] Budget cuts that have reduced teacher salaries and equipment availability are reflected disproportionately in reduced numbers of female students.[1] In 2003 some 4.5 percent of gross domestic product was spent on education. In 2004 the literacy rate in Kyrgyzstan was 98.7 percent.[1]

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