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Edvard Ehlers

Edvard Laurits Ehlers (26 March 1863 Copenhagen – 7 May 1937) was a Danish dermatologist whose name was given to a group of genetic misfunctions of connective tissue, called Ehlers–Danlos syndrome (EDS).

Edvard Lauritz Ehlers grew up as the Mayor of Copenhagen's son and qualified in medicine in 1891. In the following years he went into further studies in Berlin, Breslau, Vienna and Paris. In Iceland he studied the decline of leprosy and was rewarded for his studies with a prize from the National Leprosy Fund in London. In 1906 he was appointed chief of the dermatological polyclinic at the Frederiks Hospital in Copenhagen. From 1911 to his retirement in 1932, Ehlers was director at the municipal hospital of Copenhagen.

The Danish-born Australian artist, Sussanne Morton, born, Susanne Ehlers, (*1963), is his granddaughter, a celebrated artist in the disciplines of realism and abstract painting. Sussanne began her artistic journey as a young girl growing up in Australia, with the encouragement of her father, Hedde Guy Ehlers, adopted son of Edvard Ehlers. Sussanne Morton was born in Rejsby, Denmark.[1] Sussanne Morton Ehlers is a practising Australian artist.


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Benedikte Ehlers born 1949 in Nykøbing Falster,Denmark. She is the granddaughter af E.L.Ehlers. Benedikte Ehlers is the founder of Ehlers World Travel and Ehlers Rejser 1980-2001. Speaker in Denmark from 1989 -2001. Married to Poul Olesen and moved to Oregon in USA. Benedikte Ehlers has been a member of the Board of Directors for The Danish Immigrant Museum, Elk Horn,Iowa since 2004. Inner Wheel Viborg-Asmild 1990-2001 from 2011 Ry-Bræstrup in Denmark. Soroptimist in Viborg from 1986-2001. Soroptimist in Eugene, Oregon from 2002. Benedikte Ehlers Board member since 2010 for the EHLERSHJEMMET with Sdr. Vildstrup, Haderslev in Denmark. Ehlershjemmet is the last children's home-Welanderhjem of 5 that Edvard Laurits Ehlers built for children born with Syphilis. Benedikte was able to buy her grandfather's, Edvard Lauritz Ehler's, House in Fløjelshøj, Bryrup, Denmark in 2007. E.L.Ehlers built the house in 1918. The house came out of the family after E.L.E died in 1937. His adopted son Hedde-Guy Ehlers was only 10 years old when his father died of Cancer May 7, 1937. Hedde-Guy's mother, Angela Sara Ehlers, called Mo, had died the year before in 1936. Edvard Lauritz Ehlers wanted to be part of the Reclamation of the moorland and to plant plantations in Denmark. He bought land in the middle of Jutland south east of Silkeborg in 1916-1917. He supported The Danish Heath Society, in what was call in Danish, Hedeopdyrkningen. Benedikte Ehlers is half sister to the Danish-Australian Artist Sussanne Morton Ehlers. They have the same father Hedde-Guy Ehlers.