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Edvard Persson on the left with Allan Waldner at the set of Baldwin's Wedding.

Edvard Persson (17 January 1888 in Malmö – 19 September 1957 in Helsingborg) was a Swedish actor and singer.

He got his first role in the 1923 silent film Studenterna på Tröstehult. Overall, Persson made 45 feature films, among those were South of the Highway and Kalle på Spången. He was one of the most popular film actors of his time, often playing the same kind of character - the jovial and good-natured man from Scania.

As a singer he released numerous records. Among his more famous songs were Kalle på Spången, Jag har bott vid en landsväg, Jag är en liten gåsapåg från Skåne and Vi klarar oss nog ändå.

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