Edward River (Queensland)

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For the river in New South Wales, Australia, see Edward River.
Edward River
Mouth Pormpuraaw
Basin countries Australia
Length 208 km
Source elevation 114 m
Mouth elevation 0m
Left tributaries Mistake Creek
Right tributaries The Overflow, Melonhole Creek

The Edward River is a river in Queensland, Australia.

The mouth of the Edward River is located at 14°51′1″S 141°35′26″E / 14.85028°S 141.59056°E / -14.85028; 141.59056Coordinates: 14°51′1″S 141°35′26″E / 14.85028°S 141.59056°E / -14.85028; 141.59056, on the western shore of Cape York Peninsula, the eastern edge of the Gulf of Carpentaria.

The township of Pormpuraaw is 6.5 kilometres south-southeast of its mouth.

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