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Edward Storer (1880–1944) was an English writer, translator and poet.


In 1908 Storer published Inclinations:Poems 1909 its content, described by F. S. Flint as in the 'Imagist' manner.[1] Later in the Spring of 1909 Storer was a founder member of a group, (an unnamed Soho dining and talking society [2] from which the Imagist genre was derived.[3] according to F. S. Flint 'Storer leading it chiefly, of what we called the Image .We were very much influenced by modern French symbolist poetry '.[4] In that same year, 1909, Storer wrote an essay on Imagism, appended to his book 'Mirrors of Illusion' in which he said 'there is no absolute virtue in iambic pentameter as such...however well they may be done.There is no immediate virtue in rhythm even.These things are merely a means to an end'.[5] F. S. Flint, in a review of 'Mirrors of Illusion' in New Age Review IV (A. R. Orage's magazine of that Edwardian era) said ' with Storer the soul of poetry is .. verse cut up and phrased according to the flow of the emotion and exercise of the sixth sense..we have a poet who has fought his way out of convention, and formed for himself a poetique'.[6] Later, from 1914 onwards Storer was one of the principal contributors to the Egoist (An Individualist Review) with short articles on modern poetry, painting,sculpture, translations etc. (which at the time) was considered as propaganda for imagism or at least advertising for the imagists.[7] In 1916 he wrote a noteworthy article on the Free verse form noting 'every man's free verse is different'.[8]

Poetry and Essays[edit]

  • Inclinations. Poems 1908
  • Mirrors of Illusion:In verse. With an essay , Sisley, London 1909
  • The Ballad of the mad Bird & other poems Hampstead Priory Press, London 1909
  • Form in Free Verse New Republic Mar 1916
  • I've quite forgotten Lucy and other poems Dan Rider, London 1931


  • Leigh Hunt Herbert & Daniel, London 1913
  • William Cowper Herbert & Daniel, London 1913


  • Six Characters in Search of an Author by Luigi Pirandello
  • Poems and Fragments of Sappho by Anyte of Tegea and Sappho
  • The Windflowers of Asklepiades and The Poems of Poseidippos by Asclepiades of Samos and Posidippus of Pella
  • Henry IV, by Luigi Pirandello
  • The Hundred Old Tales,from il Novellino,


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