Edwin (clothing retailer)

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Industry Jeans
Founded Japan 1965
Revenue 35 billion yen (As of 2002)
Number of employees
Parent Kabushiki-gaisha Edowin
Website www.edwin-europe.com

Edwin or often capitalized, EDWIN, is a Japanese clothing brand founded in 1969 by Edwin Company (株式会社エドウイン, Kabushiki-gaisha Edowin) mainly focused on jeans manufacture. The company has 365 employees and a revenue of 35 billion yen (as of 2002) according to the official site.[1] The company has the largest flagship fashion store in Japan in Arakawa, Tokyo.

Edwin Head Office

Their most popular line of clothing is the 503 jeans model which was first sold in 1997.

Actor Brad Pitt has been an official spokesman and model for the brand, appearing in many of its advertisements in the past.[2]


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