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Ed Young
Pastor Ed Young.jpg
Pastor Ed Young of Fellowship Church
Born Edwin Barry Young
(1961-03-16) March 16, 1961 (age 53)
Canton, North Carolina
Occupation Pastor, Writer, Speaker, Artist
Nationality American
Notable works TheSexperiment, The Marriage Mirror, Outrageous, Contagious Joy
Notable awards New York Times Best Seller
Spouse Lisa Young
Children LeeBeth, Laurie, Landra, EJ

Ed Young (born 16 March 1961) is the founding and senior pastor of Fellowship Church and is the author of New York Times best seller, Sexperiment. His ministry extends internationally through the televised broadcast, Ed Young Television, C3 Global and Fellowship Live.

Born in Canton, North Carolina, Young is the oldest son of Homer Edwin Young, senior pastor of Second Baptist Church Houston in Houston, Texas. He attended and played basketball at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida, where he received a basketball scholarship. After his sophomore year, he transferred to Houston Baptist University where he received his bachelor’s degree followed by a Masters of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.


Young was called into the ministry during his sophomore year at Florida State University. He soon returned to Houston, Texas to attend Houston Baptist University and to work at his father's church as an associate pastor at Second Baptist Church Houston.

In February 1990, Pastor Ed Young began a new church out of a rented office building in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with a core group of 150 members. Since that time Fellowship Church has expanded to a total of Eleven campuses, seven in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, two in Miami, Florida, Fellowship Live and the newest campus in London, England.

Fellowship Church[edit]

Fellowship Church first began in February 1990, out of a rented office complex, then moved to an arts center and then met in a public high school in Irving, Texas. Fellowship Church moved to its current 141-acre (0.57 km2) campus in Grapevine, Texas in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
In 2003 Fellowship Church opened two satellite locations in the Plano and Fort Worth areas, with a third satellite opening in downtown Dallas just two years later. Fellowship Church launched a satellite campus in South Miami in May 2006, and in the Summer of 2012 they added another location in midtown Miami.

In April of 2012, Fellowship Church launched its online campus called Fellowship Live.

In September 2013, the church opened two new campuses - one in the Southlake, TX area of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, and the other in the Park Cities area of Dallas, TX. On October 27, 2013, Fellowship Church launched its first international campus in the Shoreditch area of London, England, making a combined eleven campuses, including the church's online campus, FellowshipLive.com.

Fellowship is one of the most attended churches in North America and was listed as one of the Most Influential Church in America according to a 2007 survey.[1]


Ed Young Television program was the first religious program of its kind to air on the E! Channel in 2010. Ed Young TV now streams live 24/7 on Edyoung.com and Roku.


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Pastor Young has been the focus of several news stories, interviews and other media coverages since Fellowship Church began in 1990.

In 2008, Young’s “7 Days of Sex Challenge,” which he issued to the married couples of Fellowship, attracted worldwide media attention in publications such as The New York Times.[2] Because of the attention the challenge attracted, Young was also asked to participate in interviews, stories and feature segments including those on Fox News [3] and The Colbert Report.[4]

In 2009, Young was asked to be on Nightline (September 24, 2009) when he debated the topic of adultery with Noel Biderman, the founder of the online dating service AshleyMadison.com, on the ABC special, "Born to Cheat?"[5]

In January 2012, to promote their new book Sexperiment and share the message beyond the walls of the church, Ed and his wife Lisa took part in a 24 hour "bed-in" on the roof of Fellowship Church.[6] The bed-in, which included Skype interviews with several of the Young's friends and leaders around the world, attracted local, national, and international print and television media, including:

Following the 2012 Aurora Shooting in a theater in Colorado, Young was asked to speak on Fox News about the subject.[9]

In the early fall of 2012, Ed Young was selected as "The Best Evangelical Preacher" by the Dallas Observer [10]

Young is regularly featured in stories in The Christian Post and contributes articles to the publication from time to time.


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