Efficiency Medal (South Africa)

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Efficiency Medal (South Africa)
Awarded by Union of South Africa
Country  South Africa
Type Medal
Eligibility Other Ranks of the SA Army, SA Air Force and SA Naval Forces
Awarded for Long and meritorious service
First awarded 1939
Last awarded 1952

The Efficiency Medal (Union of South Africa) was approved by a Royal Warrant dated 29 December 1939,[1] for award to men who had completed twelve years' qualifying service in the volunteer Army and Air Force Citizen Force of the Union of South Africa[2] It was extended to the South African Naval Forces from 1942.[2]

Officers were awarded the Efficiency Decoration (South Africa).[2]


The medal in silver was oval in shape with a height of 39mm and a width of 32mm. The obverse bore the sovereign's effigy of George VI.[2] The reverse bore the inscription: VIR BEKWAME DIENS/FOR EFFICIENT SERVICE.[2]

The fixed suspender bar was decorated with two palm leaves and bore the inscription UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA – UNIE VAN SUID-AFRIKA.[2]

The name of recipient was inscribed on the rim of the medal.

The ribbon was 32mm plain dark green with 3mm yellow edges.[1]

Further awards[edit]

A clasp, denoted by a silver rose emblem, could be earned for each additional qualifying period of six years.[1] If an Efficiency Medal holder was commissioned later in his career, half of all service counting towards the award of the Efficiency Medal could be reckoned for the Efficiency Decoration.[2]

This medal was replaced in 1952 by the John Chard Medal which was awarded to both officers and men alike.[2]


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