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Egå (English: Oak Stream) is a stream in the Municipality of Aarhus in Denmark. The stream runs north of the city of Aarhus, in the bottom of the flat valley of Egådalen (1,5 km wide and 6 km long) created as a tunnel valley at the end of the ice age, eventually terminating in the Bay of Aarhus.

The whole valley holds numerous evidence of prehistoric human activities, from the stone age to present times.

The suburb of Egå[edit]

Egå is also the name of a suburban area of Aarhus city, located approximately 7 km north of the Aarhus city centre. The suburb is named after the Egå stream, that flows through area. The suburb is one of the more affluent neighbourhoods, with some of the highest cost of land in the municipality.[citation needed]

Egå houses a lively marina (Egå Marina) and The Egå Sailclub is one of the most successful youth sailing clubs in Denmark.[citation needed]


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Coordinates: 56°13′N 10°16′E / 56.217°N 10.267°E / 56.217; 10.267