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An egg is an organic vessel in which an embryo first begins to develop.

Egg or eggs and variants may also refer to:

  • Egg cell (ovum) in anisogamous organisms, the larger, non-motile gamete, also called the female gamete
    • Zygote (fertilized egg), the cell formed by the fusion of gametes
  • Egg (food), the egg of a fowl, fish, or reptile, consumed as food




Television and film[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Egg (car), a Swiss car make in business from 1896 to 1919
  • L'Oeuf (the Egg), an aluminum and plexiglas car designed by Paul Arzens
  • Egg (chair), a chair designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958
  • EGG (file format), a compressed archive file format used in computers
  • Egg (magazine), a Japanese style magazine published since 1995
  • Egg (video game), a 1981 video game made by Nintendo
  • Elemental Gimmick Gear, a 1999 Sega Dreamcast game
  • Eggs (novel), a novel by Jerry Spinelli, published in 2007
  • Egg Banking, a British internet bank established in 1996
  • Electrogastrogram, a graphic showing electrical signals in the stomach muscles
  • Electroglottograph, a device for measuring vocal fold movement
  • EG&G, an American defense contractor, founded in 1931 and defunct as a name since 2009
  • Evaporating gaseous globule, a type of interstellar gas cloud that is thought to give rise to new stars, and known as an EGG
  • EGG Project, or Global Consciousness Project, a parapsychology experiment begun in 1998 at Princeton University using a global network of random number generators known as Princeton Eggs
  • Egg, the name of the inhabited neutron star in the book Dragon's Egg by Robert L. Forward

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