Eggerland 2

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Eggerland 2
Eggerland 2.jpg
European box art
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) HAL Laboratory
Designer(s) I. Okuyama
Series Eggerland series
Platform(s) MSX2
Release date(s) 1986
Genre(s) Puzzle game
Mode(s) Single player

Eggerland 2, known in Japan as Meikyū Shinwa (迷宮神話?, "Labyrinth Myth"), is a 1986 puzzle game for the MSX2 produced by HAL Laboratory. It is the sequel to the original Eggerland Mystery and the second game in the Eggerland series.


Eden is in chaos. Dark clouds cover the land. Monsters are rising from the ground. Lolo goes to check up on the castle, but before his very eyes (not like the sleeping guards), he sees King Egger kidnap Princess Lala. Lolo locates King Egger heading off towards a labyrinth. To rescue his new bride-to-be, Lolo must go through the labyrinth and bravely face off against the forces of evil. In doing so, the wedding can finally begin, and Eden can finally usher into the paradise it once was...

Game information[edit]

  • There are 100 rooms in the game.
  • All the rooms are connected in some way so Lolo simply walks right into a new room.
  • Some rooms have hints depicted, which involves doing something typically unusual to complete the room.
  • Leepers, Rockies, and Don Medusas make their first appearance in this game.
  • Lolo now collects heart framers, which is the standard collection item.
  • The speed of the gameplay is about half of the NES titles.
  • There are timed maps where Lolo must get a treasure chest which gives him a key. The keys are needed to complete the game.
  • Passwords in this game consist of graphics of the various characters and objects of the game rather than letters and numbers.
  • This game was ported to the Family Computer Disk System under the title "Eggerland". Main differences are the gameplay is slightly faster on the FCD, there are improved graphics, different music, altered sound effects, and 22 extra rooms. Overall, most fans consider the Disk System game to be the definitive version.

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