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Eglinton Street
Place Laurieston
Area Glasgow
Coordinates 55°50′47″N 4°15′39″W / 55.8465°N 4.2609°W / 55.8465; -4.2609Coordinates: 55°50′47″N 4°15′39″W / 55.8465°N 4.2609°W / 55.8465; -4.2609
Original company Caledonian Railway
Pre-grouping Caledonian Railway
Post-grouping LMS
Platforms 6
1 July 1879 Opened
(as per Glasgow Herald notice[1]
28 February 1909 Opened
(as documented by Butt)[2]
1 February 1965 Closed[2]
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Eglinton Street railway station was a railway station approximately one mile south of Glasgow Central, in the Laurieston area of Gorbals, Glasgow.


Sources published in the late 20th century claim that this station opened on Sunday 28 February 1909,[2] which would have been highly unlikely given Scotland's sabbatarian culture at the time. Contemporary sources, such as railway notices, timetables, maps and Post Office Directories, show that the station existed nearly 30 years before that date.

When the station opened, on 1 July 1879, it allowed Caledonian Railway trains from Edinburgh and Lanarkshire, which had previously terminated at Southside to reach Bridge Street to connect with trains for Greenock and Wemyss Bay, with through carriages being provided from Edinburgh to stations on the Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway and Greenock and Wemyss Bay Railway.[1] These continued to terminate at Bridge Street even after Central Station had opened on 1 August 1879.[3]

On 19 March 1883, there was a collision between two trains at Eglinton Street station in which four people died and many more were injured.[4] The crash involved the 6:15pm train from Central Station to East Kilbride and the 5pm train from Edinburgh to Glasgow Central, which had stopped at Eglinton Street Station. The driver of the Edinburgh train failed to heed the signal against the train leaving the station. The East Kilbride train had left Central on time and had a clear signal to proceed. It was slowing down when it collided with the Edinburgh train which was getting up steam. The drivers and firemen of both trains survived the crash, having been violently thrown from their engines.[5]

Opened by the Caledonian Railway on the former routes of the Cathcart District Railway and Polloc and Govan Railway on the southern approached to Glasgow Central, Eglinton Street station became part of the London Midland and Scottish Railway during the Grouping of 1923. The station was located in the routes to the:

The station was closed in 1965.[2]

The site today[edit]

Some parts of Eglinton Street station remain intact today, including sections of the platforms and access towers from the station platforms.


Preceding station Historical railways Following station
Glasgow Central
Line and station open
  Caledonian Railway
Polloc and Govan Railway
Line and station open
  Caledonian Railway
Cathcart District Railway
  Pollokshields East
Line and station open
  Caledonian Railway
Cathcart District Railway
  Pollokshields West
Line and station open
  CR & G&SWR
Glasgow, Barrhead and Kilmarnock Joint Railway
Line open; station closed



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