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Egma map.jpg
The map of EGMA Sinkhole
Location Taşeli Plateau, Anatolia, Turkey
Depth 1,429 metres (4,688 ft)
Discovery 1993
Hazards cave floods in springtime

EGMA (aka. Peynirlikönü) is the deepest cave of Turkey [1]. It is in the southern region of Anatolia, on the Taşeli Plateau and is 1,429 metres (4,688 ft) deep. EGMA stands for Evren Günay - Mehmet Ali Özel Sinkhole.

Beginning in 1993, the cave was being explored by BÜMAK (Boğaziçi University Speleological Society). A flash flood caused Mehmet Ali Özel to lose his life inside the cave in 2001. In 2004, with the help of members of the Bulgarian Speleological Federation, the BÜMAK team recovered Mehmet Ali's body and also reached the deepest point of the cave.

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