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The gens Egnatuleia was a plebeian family at Rome. The only member of the gens to achieve any of the higher offices of the state was Lucius Egnatuleius, quaestor in 44 BC.[1]


This list includes abbreviated praenomina. For an explanation of this practice, see filiation.
  • Gaius Egnatuleius, father of the triumvir monetalis.
  • Gaius Egnatuleius C. f., triumvir monetalis, probably during the first century BC. He struck a quinarius bearing the head of Apollo on the obverse, and Victoria with a trophy on the reverse.[2]
  • Lucius Egnatuleius, quaestor in 44 BC. He commanded the fourth legion, which deserted from Marcus Antonius to Octavian. As a reward for his conduct on this occasion, Cicero proposed in the senate that he should be allowed to hold public offices three years before the legal time.[3]

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