Egypt–South Africa relations

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Egyptian-South African relations
Map indicating locations of Egypt and South Africa


South Africa

Egyptian-South African relations is the relationship between the governments of the Arab Republic of Egypt and Republic of South Africa. The first South African mission in Egypt was established in 1942 as a Consulate-General. However, Egypt broke off all diplomatic relations with South Africa in 1949 over its support for the State of Israel. Between 1949 and 1990, Egypt and South Africa did not have any formal diplomatic relations. During this time, Egypt strictly enforced all the international sanctions on the South African Government. After 1979, unofficial relations and military tensions were eased, however, Egypt was hesitant to establish full diplomatic relations with South Africa because of its Apartheid policy which treated Egyptian citizens as non-White. Ambassadors were exchanged only in 1990. Egypt has an embassy in Pretoria and South Africa has an embassy in Cairo. Both countries are full members of the African Union, G-24, Group of 77 and Non-Aligned Movement.

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