Egypt–Uruguay relations

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Egypt-Uruguay relations
Map indicating locations of Egypt and Uruguay



Egypt–Uruguay relations are the relations between Egypt and Uruguay. Egypt has an embassy in Montevideo.[1] Uruguay has an embassy in Cairo[2] and a consulate in Alexandria.[3]

Both countries are members of the Group of 77.


In trading relationships, Egypt is an important trading partner for Uruguay, with over USD 26m in soybean sales;[4] Egypt is also an important buyer of Uruguayan lambs.[5] Since 2004 there is a Framework Agreement between Egypt and the Mercosur countries.[6]


Montevideo has a small Ancient Egyptian Museum,[7] held by the Uruguayan Society of Egyptology (established 1980);[8] a notable Uruguayan Egyptologist is Juan José Castillos.[9]

There is an Egyptian Center for Islamic Culture in Montevideo.[10]

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