Egyptian German Automotive Company

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Egyptian German Automotive Company
الشركة المصرية الألمانية للسيارات
Industry Automotive industry
Founded 1996
Founders Jürgen Erich Schrempp
Samy Hanna
Headquarters 6th of October City, Egypt
Area served Germany, Egypt, Kuwait, People's Republic of China
Key people Markus Schäfer (CEO)
Products Automobiles

The Egyptian German Automotive Company, or short EGA, is an Egyptian car assembler who is located in the 6th of October City. It was founded by engineer Samy Hanna and the former Daimler-Benz CEO Jürgen Erich Schrempp as an joint venture to assemble vehicles of the Mercedes-Benz brand. The management of the 1996 founded firm is assumed by the Daimler AG who has given it to Markus Schäfer.

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