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The Egyptian Greens
Hizb Al-khodr
Chairman Dr. Abdul Moneim Al-A'sar
Founded 1990
Headquarters Cairo
Newspaper AlWatan
Ideology Green politics
Liberal democracy
Human rights
Politics of Egypt
Political parties
Part of a series on
Green politics
Sunflower symbol

The Green Party of Egypt (Hizb Al-khodr) is a Green political party in Egypt. The party presses for protection and promotion of the ecological system and optimal use of resources. It also calls for drawing up solutions to the problems of poverty, underdevelopment, and challenges the disadvantages of globalism and capitalism, following the global trend of many traditional green parties now embracing eco-socialism.[1]

Egyptian Greens also opposes the proliferation of nuclear weapons, strongly objecting to President Hosni Mubarak's nuclear power proposals.[2]

It was founded by former diplomat Hassan Ragab in 1990, experienced a hiatus in 1995, and was revived in 1998.

The president of the Green Party, Dr. Abdel Munem Ali Ali Al Aasar, serves in the Shura Council and is probably the only Green Party member in the Parliament of Egypt.

After the 25th of January revolution in Egypt the party was reforming to effectively and positively contribute in a democratic atmosphere, the party was adopting several issues especially concerning sustainable development and environmental issues in Egypt. The party is a member of the Global Greens and the African Greens


The party platform calls for:

  • Promotion of the ecological system.
  • Rendering social justice to the citizens.
  • Striking a balance between incomes and prices.
  • Resorting to religion as a main guideline to solving daily problems.
  • Adoption of free market policies as Egypt's main economic system.


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