Homeland Security (Egypt)

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Homeland Security (EHS)
Al Amn Al Watani
قطاع الأمن الوطنى
Egyptian National Homeland.jpg
Emblem of the EHS
Agency overview
Formed 2011
Jurisdiction Government of Egypt
Headquarters Cairo, Egypt
Agency executive Maj.Gen. Hamid Abdallah, Director, Minister of Interior Assistant for Homeland Security
Parent agency Ministry of Interior

Homeland Security (EHS) (Arabic: قطاع الأمن الوطنى‎ / Al-amn al-Watani) is an Egyptian security service, the main domestic security agency of Egypt and the main successor agency of the State Security Investigations Service (SSIS) (Arabic: جهاز مباحث أمن الدولة / Gihaz Mabahith Amn al-Dawla). Its main responsibilities are counter-intelligence, internal and border security, counter-terrorism, and surveillance. Its headquarters is in Cairo.

Due to its efforts of bringing back the security during the Islamist unrest, EHS has gained much of the security agency's lost respect in Egypt.[1] After announcing the Muslim Brotherhood due to December 2013 Mansoura bombing as a terrorist group, EHS has assigned hotlines for reporting suspected Muslim Brotherhood's members. Calls flooded into the hotlines marking reclaiming the role of the agency.[1]

Current status[edit]

After Morsi's ouster, nearly a hundred of the sacked senior officers of State Security Investigations Service (SSIS) had returned. The Security agency is believed to be reclaiming its role and rebuilding its intelligence with the help of the people after the storming of (SSIS) agency headquarters in 2011 following 2011 Egyptian revolution.[1]


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