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The Egyptian Lover
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Background information
Birth name Greg Broussard
Born (1963-08-31) August 31, 1963 (age 50)
Genres Old school hip-hop, west coast hip-hop, electro
Occupations Producer
Instruments vocals, synthesizer
Years active 1983 - present
Labels Egyptian Empire Records

Greg Broussard (born August 31, 1963 in Los Angeles, California), better known by his stage name Egyptian Lover, is an American musician, vocalist, producer and DJ, and was an important part of the L.A. dance music and rap scene in the early 1980s.[citation needed]


The Egyptian Lover started out as a DJ in Los Angeles with Uncle Jam's Army DJing dances as large as the L.A. Sports Arena with 10,000 people. He began recording around Los Angeles in 1982 as a member of the Radio Crew, and also Uncle Jam's Army. In the early days of hip hop albums were rare,[citation needed] so most of The Egyptian Lover's successful recordings were 12" singles. He would eventually release some of the earliest rap LPs, which was especially unique for being west-coast based,[citation needed] but they were less popular than his singles. But on the strength of containing an alternate mix of his most popular single "Egypt, Egypt", 1984's On the Nile was moderately successful. After a break in the early 1990s, Egyptian Lover returned in 1994 (see 1994 in music) with Back from the Tomb. His last full-length album in over ten years. In 2006 The Egyptian Lover recorded another new album "Platinum Pyramids".

The Egyptian Lover also established his own record company, Egyptian Empire Records, which included artists such as Rodney O & Joe Cooley.


In 2005 "The Egyptian Lover" released his first single since 1994, entitled "Party" and backed with "Dancefloor", followed by the album Platinum Pyramids in Feb. 2006. By the end of 2006 The Egyptian Lover went into the studio with Jamie Jupiter and recorded "UFO" and "Futuristic" for Jupiter's new 12" single (never released).

In 2007, The Egyptian Lover re-made "Modernaire" by Dez Dickerson (from the film Purple Rain) for the label, Citinite.

In 2007, The Egyptian Lover collaborated with the groups "Clone Machine" and "Egypt Ear Werk" (with Luke Eargoggle)

In 2008, The Egyptian Lover continues to tour the world and is making a brand new album for 2008.

December, 2008 Exclusive songs on iTunes. Electro Pharaoh, Freaky D.J. and Scandinavian Summer.

2008 The Egyptian Lover records with Who Cares on the song "They Killed the Radio"

In 2008 Egyptian Lover works with Jamie Jones making the song "Galactic Space Bar"

2008 Egyptian Lover and M.I.A. create the track "Rock off Shake off" for new Artist Rye Rye.

May 2009 The Egyptian Lover collabs with Debonaire on "Do U Wanna Get Down?" for a new Street Sounds Compulation.

May 2009 The Egyptian Lover makes new Video "Freaky D.J." with Producer Director Victor Brooks aka Who007

2009 The Egyptian Lover makes a brand new album that included songs, Electro Pharaoh, U.F.O., Freaky D.J., BellyDance, Scandinavian Summer, Do U Wanna Get Down?.

June 2009 The Egyptian Lover's remix of James Pants' Cosmic Rapp is released.

2011 The Egyptian Lover worked on a new Album entitled "1984"

2014 The Egyptian Lover collaborated with Dye on the song "She's Bad"


The Egyptian Lover is currently touring worldwide. He began touring again in 2004 and is still doing European, Asian and North American shows. In 2008, he toured in support of M.I.A.. In the tradition of his origins as a D.J. his performances often begin with him mixing records on turntables and then Segueing into his original compositions. He is currently doing Arenas, Clubs, and Festivals.




  • 1983: Egypt, Egypt EP
  • 2009: "Electro Pharaoh"

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