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Egyptrixx (born David Psutka)[1] is a Canadian electronic musician from Toronto. Psutka also releases music under the name "Hiawatha" and works as a studio producer [2]


Egyptrixx's debut full-length album, Bible Eyes, was released in March 2011.[3][4][5] Psutka stated in an interview that Bible Eyes was created as a tribute to his great-grandmother.[6]

In 2012, Egyptrixx announced a side project with former Thrush Hermit member Ian McGettigan, called Hiawatha.[7] The duo's debut album, Language, was released on September 25, 2012 through Last Gang Records.[8] In 2012 McGettigan was replaced by Cameron Gilpin, formerly of Bad Robot(s) Evil Doer.

In 2013, Psutka released the 2nd Egyptrixx album entitled "A/B til Infinity" - the album was a multimedia collaboration with German visual artist ANF and received critical acclaim upon release. The album emphasized a minimalist or deconstructionist approach. [9]

In 2014, Psutka announced his new label "Halocline Trance" and the third Egyptrixx LP entitled "Transfer of Energy [Feelings of Power], which will be the label's first release. [10]



  • Bible Eyes (Night Slugs, 2011)
  • A/B Til Infinity (Night Slugs, 2013)
  • Transfer of Energy [Feelings of Power] (Halocline Trance, 2015)



  • Battle for North America (RAMP, 2010)
  • The Only Way Up EP (Night Slugs, 2010)
  • Liberation Front (Night Slugs, 2011)


  • Brodinski - Arnold Classics [Egyptrixx remix] (Grizzly, 2010)
  • Starkey - Robot Hands [Egyptrixx remix] (Civil, 2011)
  • Massive Attack - Hymn of the Big Wheel [Egyptrixx remix] (Virgin, 2012)


  • Night Slugs All Stars Vol.1 (Night Slugs, 2011)
  • Modeselektor pres. Modeselektion vol.2 (Monkeytown, 2012)
  • Night Slugs All Stars Vol.2 (Night Slugs, 2013)