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Ehsanullah Ehsan (died 1997[1]) was a former member of the Taliban leadership who served as the chairman of the Taliban's Central Bank.[2]


Shortly after the Taliban took over major Afghan institutions in December 1996, Ehsan, acting as chair of the Central Bank, declared most Afghani notes in circulation to be worthless and cancelled the contract with the Russian firm that had been printing the currency. Ehsan accused the firm of sending new shipments of Afghani notes to ousted president Burhanuddin Rabbani in northern Takhar province.

At the battle of Mazar-i-Sharif in 1997, Ehsan was captured by anti-Taliban forces, but was freed later during the battle. Afterwards, he led an elite group consisting of around 1000 Kandaharis, ensuring his financial job received limited attention before he was killed.[1]


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