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Eicon Networks Corporation
Industry Telecommunication
Founded 1984
Headquarters Montreal, Canada
Website www.dialogic.com

Eicon Networks Corporation was a privately owned designer, developer and manufacturer of communication products founded in 1984 with headquarters in Montreal, Canada. Eicon products are sold worldwide through a large network of distributors and resellers, and supplied to OEMs.

In October 2006 Eicon purchased the Media & Signalling Division of Intel, known as Dialogic before its purchase by Intel in 1999, which produces telephony boards for PC servers. The combined Eicon/Dialogic company changed its name to Dialogic Corporation at the time of the purchase. It is meanwhile known as Dialogic Inc.


Eicon's products include the Diva Family (Diva Server and Diva Client) and Eiconcard product lines.

Diva Server[edit]

Diva Server is a range of telecoms products for voice, speech, conferencing and fax. It supports T1/E1; SS7; ISDN and conventional phone line (PSTN). As of 2008 Eicon Host Media Processing products, "software adapters" that provide VoIP capability for applications, are available.

Diva Server is used in VoiceXML speech servers; SMS gateways; fax and unified messaging and call recording and monitoring.

Diva Client[edit]

Diva products are connectivity products for remote access for the home and for remote and mobile workers. They are mostly ISDN or combined ISDN and dialup modems. In the past Eicon produced ADSL and Wifi equipment, but these areas have become dominated by far-eastern manufacturers.


The Eiconcard connects legacy X.25 systems for tasks such as credit card authorization, SMS, and satellite communications. The Eiconcard has been produced since the company was founded in 1984, and continues to be available.

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