Eighteen Arms of Wushu

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The Eighteen Arms (Chinese: 十八般兵器) is a list of the eighteen main weapons of Chinese martial arts. The origin of the list is unclear and there have been disputes with regards to what the eighteen weapons actually are. However, all lists contain at least one or more of the following weapons:

Wuzazu Version[edit]

  1. Bow (弓)
  2. Crossbow (弩)
  3. Spear (槍)
  4. Single-edged sword (刀)
  5. Double-edged sword (劍)
  6. Ancient spear (矛)
  7. Shield (盾)
  8. Axe (斧)
  9. Great axe (鉞)
  10. Short staff with grip (鞭)
  11. Short quarterstaff with grip (鐗)
  12. Polepick (撾)
  13. Trident (叉)
  14. Harrow (耙)
  15. Rope (綿繩套索)
  16. Unarmed martial art (白打)

Water Margin Version[edit]

  1. Ancient spear (矛)
  2. Mace (錘)
  3. Bow (弓)
  4. Crossbow (弩)
  5. Firearm (銃)
  6. Short staff with grip (鞭)
  7. Short Quarterstaff with grip (鐗)
  8. Sword (劍)
  9. Chain (鏈)
  10. Polepick (撾)
  11. Axe (斧)
  12. Great axe (鉞)
  13. Dagger axe (戈)
  14. Dagger halberd (戟)
  15. Shield (牌)
  16. Club (棒)
  17. Spear (槍)
  18. Trident (叉)

Other Version[edit]

  1. Dao (single-edged sword, 刀)
  2. Qiang (spear, 槍)
  3. Jian (double-edged sword, 劍)
  4. Ji (dagger halberd, 戟)
  5. Axe ()
  6. Great axe (鉞)
  7. Hook sword (鉤)
  8. Trident (叉)
  9. Ranseur (镗)
  10. Staff (棍)
  11. Long spear (槊)
  12. Club (棒)
  13. Short staff with grip (鞭) Biān
  14. Short Quarterstaff with grip (鐧)
  15. Mace (錘)
  16. Polepick (挝)
  17. Tonfa (拐)
  18. Meteor hammer (流星,Liu xing)

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