Eilean Dòmhnuill

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The causeway to the settlement Eilean Dhomhnaill in Loch Olabhat

Armit identifies the islet of Eilean Dòmhnuill (Scots Gaelic: The Isle of Donald), Loch Olabhat on North Uist, Scotland as what may be the earliest crannog. Unstan ware pottery found there suggests a Neolithic period date of 3200-2800 BC. A surrounding timber screen and the turf-walled houses seem to have been repeatedly taken down and rebuilt, and in the final phase two oblong stone-footed structures bear a resemblance to Knap of Howar on Papa Westray, Orkney.

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Coordinates: 57°38′59″N 7°27′19″W / 57.64968°N 7.45528°W / 57.64968; -7.45528