Eilean Glas, Scalpay

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Eilean Glas is a common island name on Scotland's west coast. For other islands see Eilean Glas (disambiguation)

This particular Eilean Glas is actually a peninsula of Scalpay in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. Eilean Glas is home to a historic lighthouse. Eilean Glas means Grey/Green Island in Gaelic.


Eilean Glas lies on the west coast of Scalpay at NG247948. The island is 300 metres (984 ft) long and rises no more than 30 metres (98 ft) above sea level.

The island projects out considerably into The Minch shipping lane, which is likely why it was decided to place the Eilean Glas Lighthouse here. A track across the narrow isthmus connects Eilean Glas to Scalpay. More recently, a radio mast was erected on Eilean Glas.


Coordinates: 57°51′27″N 6°38′34″W / 57.85759°N 6.64282°W / 57.85759; -6.64282