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Eileen (Ellen) Costello (Irish: Eibhlín Bean Ui Coisdealbha) (née Drury; died 4 March 1962) was an Irish politician, writer, teacher and folklorist. She was elected to the Irish Free State Seanad Éireann as an independent member in December 1922.[1] She was one of four women elected or appointed to the first Seanad in 1922.[2] She was re-elected for 3 years in 1931 but lost her seat in the 1934 Seanad election.

In 1919, Costello published a compilation of traditional folk-songs from County Galway and County Mayo, titled Amhráin Muighe Seola: Traditional folk-songs from Galway and Mayo.


  • Amhráin Muighe Seola, Eileen Costello, (London: Irish Folk Song Society; Dublin : Candle Press, 1919).


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