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Eilis O'Hanlon (born 1965) is a Northern Irish journalist. She writes for the Sunday Independent. She co-authored four novels under the pen name Ingrid Black.[1] Her book, The Dead, published in 2003, was honored with the Shamus Award for Best First PI Novel. O'Hanlon's work appears in The Field Day Anthology of Irish Women's Writing.

O'Hanlon is known for her opposition to emigration (that is, people leaving Ireland), frequently arguing that this has damaged and continues to damage the nation.[2]


A daughter of Sam and Tess (née Cahill) O'Hanlon, Eilis' uncle was the late Joe Cahill, an IRA volunteer and leader from the 1940s onwards. Her elder sister was the late PIRA volunteer and Sinn Féin politician, Siobhán O'Hanlon. The two sisters remained estranged at the time of Siobhán's death from breast cancer, as Eilis is staunchly anti-physical force republicanism and heavily critical of Sinn Féin.

Published works[edit]


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