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For the race of dwarves in Dragonlance, see Einar (Dragonlance).
Gender male
Name day 26 September (Norway, Sweden),
17 November (Estonia, Finland)
Word/name Old Norse
Meaning one, alone + warrior
Region of origin Norway, Sweden
Other names
Related names Ejnar, Ejner, Enar, Einars

Einar is a given name deriving from the Old Norse name Einarr, which according to Guðbrandur Vigfússon is directly connected with the concept of the einherjar, undead warriors from Norse mythology. Vigfússon comments that 'the name Einarr is properly = einheri" and points to a relation to the term with the Old Norse common nouns einarðr (meaning "bold") and einörð (meaning "valour") .[1]

Einar as given name[edit]

  • Einar Englund (1916–1999), Finnish composer
  • Einar Førde (1943–2004), Norwegian politician, Minister of Education and Church Affairs and vice-chairman of the Norwegian Labour Party
  • Einar Gerhardsen (1897–1987), Norwegian politician, Prime Minister of Norway
  • Einar Haugen (1906–1994), American linguist, author and Professor at University of Wisconsin–Madison and Harvard University
  • Einar Hjörleifsson Kvaran (1859–1938), Icelandic editor, novelist, poet, playwright and prominent spiritualist
  • Einar Jansen (1893–1960), Norwegian historian, genealogist and archivist
  • Einar Jónsson (1874–1954), Icelandic sculptor
  • Einar Kárason (born 1955), Icelandic writer
  • Einar Örn Benediktsson (born 1962), vocalist for Sugarcubes and Ghostigital and former Reykjavik City Council member

Einar as middle name[edit]

Einar in Popular Culture[edit]


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