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Einar Christian Leonard Naumann (13 August 1891 – 1934) was an assistant professor of botany and limnology at the University of Lund. Naumann worked during the summers at the Fishery Station in Aneboda (Småland, Southern Sweden), where he established a field laboratory of the Limnological Institute in Lund (now Einar Naumann Field Station).

In 1921 he suggested the establishment of an international association of limnologists to a visiting German colleague, August Thienemann. The following year, on Thursday, August 3, 1922, Naumann and Theinemann co-founded the Societas Internationalis Limnologiae at a meeting held in the auditorium of the Zoological Institute of Kiel University, Germany.[1]

Naumann is also widely known for his contributions to lake typology, and specifically for introducing the terms oligotrophic, eutrophic and dystrophic lake to our modern lake classification.