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Eitaro Haga
Born Japan
Occupation Film director
Years active about 1996–

Eitaro Haga (芳賀栄太郎 Haga Eitarō?) is a Japanese adult video (AV) director who has supervised more than 450 videos during his career, primarily for Madonna, an AV studio which specializes in the "mature woman" or "madame" (熟女 jukujō?) genre of Japanese pornography.[1][2]

Life and career[edit]

Haga began his career as an AV director at least as early as May 1996, when he inaugurated V&R Products UME label with the video, The Legend of Mature Woman: New Version, with amateur actresses.[3] Two months later, he directed another "mature" video for V&R, Immoral Aunt In-law: I Love You!, again featuring amateur actresses.[4] Haga directed several more videos for V&R including five videos in 1999 of the Three Mature Sisters series starring groundbreaking AV actress Kyōko Aizome (41 years old at the time)[5] and a three-part set from April 2000, Mrs. Lawyer Hitomi Kobayashi, with early AV Idol Hitomi Kobayashi, who had retired and then returned to the AV scene as a "mature" actress.[6]

By the early 2000s, Haga was also working for other AV studios including for Moodyz by May 2002[7] and for KMP as early as January 2003.[8] At KMP, he was a regular director for their "mature" label Million Madams where he worked with MILF actresses Ayano Murasaki, Runa Akasaka and Chisato Shouda.[9]

The Madonna studio, specializing in "mature women" videos,[10] had begun releasing their first AVs in December 2003.[11] Haga was a Madonna director by July 2004, when he supervised the first entry in Madonna's "Failure As a Mother" series starring Runa Akasaka and Sakura Sakurada.[12] He became their chief director, with a listing of more than 150 videos for the company by late 2011.[13][14]

At the 2006 Moodyz Awards, a competition among the major companies affiliated with the Hokuto Corporation, Haga won the 5th Place Best Director Award.[15] For the 2009 AV Grand Prix, Madonna nominated Haga's Raped Female Teacher, starring Reiko Makihara, which won one of the Special Awards for Mature Woman Videos.[16]

In 2011, Haga directed Ayano Murasaki and Reiko Makihara in 3D Co-Starring Mature Beauties: Tempting Love of Mother and Aunt, a 3D adult video released by Madonna on February 25, 2011.[17][18]

Selected filmography[edit]

Release date[19] Video title Company Cast
1996-05-12 The Legend of Mature Woman: New Version[3]
新熟女伝説 太っ腹おふくろさん!
V&R Planning Ume
Amateur actresses
1996-07-12 Immoral Aunt In-law: I Love You![4]
だれにも言わないで 淫らな義叔母さん好きです!
V&R Planning Ume
Amateur actresses
1996-10-12 Burning Blood Okamisan![20]
V&R Planning Ume
Amateur actresses
息子から母へのメッセージ 最終章おふくろさん[21]
V&R Planning Ume
Amateur actresses
1999-07-15 Three Mature Sisters Chapter 1
熟女三姉妹 第一章
V&R Planning Ume
Kyōko Aizome, Junko Misaki, Yuka Takemura & Midori Ōtsuka
1999-07-15 Three Mature Sisters Chapter 2
熟女三姉妹 第二章
V&R Planning Ume
Kyōko Aizome, Junko Misaki, Yuka Takemura & Midori Ōtsuka
1999-07-15 Three Mature Sisters Chapter 3
熟女三姉妹 第三章
V&R Planning Ume
Kyōko Aizome, Junko Misaki, Yuka Takemura & Midori Ōtsuka
1999-07-15 Three Mature Sisters Chapter 4
熟女三姉妹 第四章
V&R Planning Ume
Kyōko Aizome, Junko Misaki, Yuka Takemura & Midori Ōtsuka
1999-07-15 Three Mature Sisters Chapter 5
熟女三姉妹 第五章
V&R Planning Ume
Kyōko Aizome, Junko Misaki, Yuka Takemura & Midori Ōtsuka
2000-04-15 Mrs. Lawyer Hitomi Kobayashi: Theft of Love Passion
ミセス弁護士 小林ひとみ 愛欲のせっ盗
V&R Planning Ume Gold
Hitomi Kobayashi
2000-04-15 Mrs. Lawyer Hitomi Kobayashi: Infernal Loan of Sexual Desires
ミセス弁護士小林ひとみ 肉欲のローン地獄
V&R Planning Ume Gold
Hitomi Kobayashi
2000-04-15 Mrs. Lawyer Hitomi Kobayashi: Medical Miss of Abstinence
ミセス弁護士小林ひとみ 禁欲の医療ミス
V&R Planning Ume Gold
Hitomi Kobayashi
2000-05-15 New Ofukuro San!
V&R Planning Ume Gold
Mariko Kawana & Haruna Miwa
2001-04-13 (VHS)
2001-12-07 (DVD)
Lesbian Love Juice
レズビアン 女汁
Alice Japan Babylon
KR-9146 (VHS)
DV-104 (DVD)
Hitomi Kobayashi and Hitomi Shimizu
2001-07-31 School Teacher
Max-A Samansa
Hitomi Kobayashi
2002-04-27 Female Doctor
V&R Planning Vogue
Mariko Kawana & Nao Saejima
2003-01-24 Celebration of Remove the Ban
KMP Million
Milk Ichigo
2003-05-21 Ecstasy V&R Planning Pandore
Mariko Kawana, Hitomi Shina and Ken Shimizu
2003-06-01 Bukkake
Moodyz Legend
Milk Ichigo
2003-08-01 Ichigo Naburi
Moodyz Legend
Milk Ichigo
2003-09-01 Bukkake Nakadashi Fuck
Moodyz Killer
Milk Ichigo
2003-12-26 Beauty Madam 2 Hours
KMP Million
MILV-118 (VHS)
MILD-118 (DVD)
Ayano Murasaki
2004-03-15 Super Beauty Ero Mrs.
JUK-022 (VHS)
JUKD-022 (DVD)
Ayano Murasaki
2004-07-08 Inmad Cinemashow 2 (Sexual Chaos in Prison)
Attackers Inmad
ATI-021 (VHS)
ATID-021 (DVD)
Ayano Murasaki, Sakura Sakurada, Minami Aoyama & Ruri Shiratori
2004-07-15 Failure As a Mother
近親白書 母親失格
Madonna JUK-064 (VHS)
JUKD-064 (DVD)
Runa Akasaka & Sakura Sakurada
2004-07-15 Truly Beautiful Lady Bukkake
JUK-065 (VHS)
JUKD-065 (DVD)
Ayano Murasaki
2004-08-19 Strawberry Fuck V&R Planning
Milk Ichigo
2005-01-21 Mother! - Runa Akasaka
おふくろさん! 赤坂ルナ 完全版
KMP Million Madams
Runa Akasaka
2005-02-18 Dear Mother!
KMP Million Madams
DAMV-003 (VHS)
MILD-267 (DVD)
Ayano Murasaki
2005-03-18 Super High-Class Night Club
超高級クラブ 女の戦い ママ vs チーママ
KMP Million Madams
DAMV-005 (VHS)
MILD-278 (DVD)
Ayano Murasaki, Runa Akasaka & Momoka Hanai
2005-04-29 Beauty Madam 4 Hours Runa Akasaka
美人マダム4時間 赤坂ルナ
KMP Million Madams
Runa Akasaka
2006-03-07 Horny Devil Cinemashow 6
Attackers Inmad
Chihiro Hasegawa, Mayu Yamaguchi, Serina Satou & Serina Nakajima
2007-01-25 St. Madonna Hospital
Maki Tomoda, Chisato Shouda, Jun Kusanagi & Misuzu Shiratori
2007-04-07 Woman Lawyer Creampie 13 Shots - Courtroom of Justice 2
女弁護士中出し13連発 正義の法廷2
Attackers Shark
Jun Kusanagi & Riko Sakura
2009-11-25 (DVD)
2009-12-01 (Blu-ray)
Double MILF Lesbian Fist Fuck
JUC-200 (DVD)
9JUC-200 (Blu-ray)
Maki Tomoda & Ryoko Murakami
2011-02-25 3D Co-Starring Mature Beauties: Tempting Love of Mother and Aunt
3D美熟女共演! 叔母の誘惑と母の愛情
JUC-483 (DVD)
9JUC-483 (Blu-ray)
Ayano Murasaki & Reiko Makihara
3D video


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