Ekspedisi Madewa

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Ekspedisi Madewa
Directed by Franklin Darmadi
Produced by Philip Korompis
Written by Michael Tjandramulya
Starring Tora Sudiro
Frans Tumbuan
Pierre Gruno
Arie Dagienkz
Intan Kaunang
Marsha Timothy
Irshadi Bagas
Indra Birowo
Running time 97 minutes
Country Indonesia
Budget Rp. 6,000,000,000 (USD 700,000)

Ekspedisi Madewa (Madewa's Expedition) is a 2006 Indonesian adventure film directed by Franklin Darmadi


In the film expedition expert, Tiro Mandawa - pleayed by Tora Sudiro - accidentally discovers a mysterious artifact on one of his work assignments. He inadvertently unleashes a chain of events that lead to an adventure of a lifetime.

The mysterious artifact was believed[who?] to be the final missing link to an ancient Indonesian legend. Many[who?] believed that the artifact was the key to finding the ultimate source of unlimited power. This power if possessed by a righteous man, would revitalize the world for all eternity, but in the wrong hands would bring disaster and death.

Sponsored by the fictional conglomerate the Madewa Group Tiro embarks on a mission to uncover the truth about the legend. He is accompanied by his friend and loyal companion, Satrio - played by Arie Dagienkz.


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