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Ekta Parishad (unity forum in Hindi) is an Indian activist movement founded in 1991 by Rajagopal P. V.Ekta Parishad is a federation of approximately 11,000 community-based organizations and has thousands of individual members. It is currently operating in 11 states.

The Gandhian, nonviolent strategy of Ekta Parishad[edit]

The two main activities of Ekta Parishad: dialoguing with the government at the state and national level and mobilizing the villagers for struggle at the grassroots level. Yet both are interlinked: people are struggling at the bottom level and their struggle is supported by a formation of institutions giving them the tools to fight for their rights (using democracy) at the top level, through dialogue. Vice versa, there are supporters dialoguing at the top level to give space for political action or struggle at the bottom level.

Accomplishments of Ekta Parishad and future[edit]

Rajagopal P. V. is the founder and guiding spirit of Ekta Parishad. In October 2012, Ekta Parishad organised Jan Satyagraha, a 350 km non-violent foot march between Gwalior and Delhi.


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