El Americano: The Movie

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El Americano: The Movie
Directed by Ricardo Arnaiz
Mike Kunkel
Produced by Phil Roman
Gerry Cardoso
Alex Flores
Michael D. Olmos
Edward James Olmos
Screenplay by Ricardo Arnaiz
Richard Pursel
Phil Roman
Story by Ricardo Arnaiz
Dulce Belchez
Fernando Lewels
Starring Rico Rodriguez
Edward James Olmos
Argelia Atilano
Cheech Marin
Kate del Castillo
Paul Rodriguez
K. C. Porter
Erik Estrada
Adal Ramones
Gabriel Iglesias
Don Cheto
Hector Suarez
Lisa Kudrow
Pierre Angelo
Music by Leoncio Lara[1]
Release dates
Running time 98 minutes
Country Mexico
United States
Language English

El Americano: The Movie (simply known as El Americano) is an upcoming 3D Mexican American computer animated film produced by Animex, Olmos Productions, and Phil Roman Entertainment. It is directed by Ricardo Arnaiz and ex-Disney animator, Mike Kunkel.[5][6][7][8] The film features a large ensemble voice cast of Hispanic American and Mexican actors led by Rico Rodriguez, Edward James Olmos, Cheech Marin, Kate del Castillo, Paul Rodriguez, Gabriel Iglesias, Erik Estrada, and Lisa Kudrow.[9][10] It is the first major animated co-production between studios in Mexico and the United States.[11][5] It is also the first international and CG production for Mexican animation studio, Animex.[11][8]

FilmSharks International announced that they have acquired the film's international rights.[11] Distribution in Mexico and the United States will be announced later.[2]

It is set to be released in theaters in Mexico and the United States around March 2015.[2][3][4]


The film will follow Cuco (Rico Rodriguez), a carefree Mexican pre-teen parrot, whose quest is to venture to Hollywood and enlist the aid of his favorite hero in order to help his father, Gayo (Edward James Olmos) and protect his circus family from the threat of Martin Kingfisher (Cheech Marin) and his henchmen.[12][13]


English cast[edit]

Spanish cast[edit]

^* Those cast members will also voice their respective characters in the Spanish-language version.


Production began on January 2011 when director and Animex founder, Ricardo Arnaiz, became interested in doing an American production while working on Nikté. He later visited the United States and met actor Edward James Olmos, when he found that Olmos was "a hit".[18] After reading the script, Olmos agreed to join the film's production team and voice cast.[6] “We’re delighted to be working with Edward James Olmos and his production company here in the US. It’s a story we have been working on for the last three years and we feel we have a really strong team in place to execute this film scheduled in 2013.” [19]

"At the opening of the FICM to present the progress of this project is important because Animex [was] born in Puebla 13 years ago, and is the fourth film and will for many more, with El Americano, we ventured to U.S. and we want to impact [a] Hollywood film [...]"
— Ricardo Arnaiz[20]

On September 26, 2013, the film was presented at Ibero Puebla, revealing new screenshots and clips.[21]

Edward James Olmos will serve as the film's executive producer.

During production, Edward James Olmos had recorded his voice before the animation process.[22] As a result, many cast members were required to act out their roles before recording their voices.[23]

According to director Ricardo Arnaiz, it is the most expensive film from Animex Producciones and the first to exceed over $29 million pesos.[18]


The visual effects and animation production were done by Boxel Studio in Tijuana.[24] In an interview with Andres Reyes Botello, founder of Boxel Studios, Ricardo Arnaiz initially stated he originally intended to produce the film in traditional animation.[24] "Back then, he was explaining to me his situation with his 2D animation studio and his curiosity about making El Americano into a full 3D CGI production," said Andres Reyes Botello. "From there, we instantly got on to a good relationship and started working on the development for the characters and environments, doing some animation, lighting, and rendering tests for this film."[24]

Development for the film finished on August 2013.[18]


On April 17, 2013, actress Lisa Kudrow has joined the voice cast as Lucille in both English and Spanish versions.[25][26] She is the only non-Hispanic cast member.[27] To prepare her role, director Ricardo Arnaiz helped Kudrow with her emphasis in her Spanish for her lines.[28]


The film premiered at the Morelia International Film Festival on 22 October 2013.[29][30] The film was originally scheduled for a tentative September 2013 release, then a Summer 2014 release.[31][12] It is now set to be released around March 2015, in 1,200 theaters across the United States.[4][3]

The film later had its U.S. screening at The Strong National Museum of Play theater in Rochester, New York on 15 March 2014.[31] It was shown in both Spanish and English.[31]

The film is was presented at the San Diego Comic-Con International on 25 July 2014.[32] The title of the conference is "Big Ideas for Movies: Crossing the Borders with Mexican Animation".[32]


Leoncio Lara will compose the film's score.[33] The film's theme was performed by Aleks Syntek.[34]


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