El Djouf

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El Djouf
Map of the topographic features of the Sahara
Map of the topographic features of the Sahara
Country Mauritania and Mali
Elevation 320 m (1,050 ft)

El Djouf is a desert, an arid natural region of sand dunes and rock salt which covers north eastern Mauritania and part of north western Mali.[1] The El Djouf merges into the Sahara Desert in the north.

A meteorite of a rare type of carbonaceous chondrite was found in el Djouf in October 1989.[2]

Geographic features[edit]

The El Djouf consists in a typical African type of broad shallow basin, separated by divides formed by fault blocks, plateaus and mountain ranges, where rock waste eroded from higher surfaces has been deposited at the base. Other significant basins of this type are those of Lake Chad and the Victoria - Kyoga lake basin, as well as the Congo and Zambezi rivers.[3]

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Coordinates: 21°30′N 6°40′W / 21.500°N 6.667°W / 21.500; -6.667