El Ghriba synagogue

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El Ghriba Synagogue
El Ghriba.jpg
Interior of El Ghriba Synagogue
Basic information
Location Djerba, Tunisia
Affiliation Orthodox Judaism
Rite Sephardi
Status Pilgrimage site
Architectural description
Architectural style Moorish

The ancient El Ghriba Synagogue, (Arabic: معبد الغريبة‎), also known as the Djerba Synagogue, is located on the Tunisian island of Djerba. It is situated in the Jewish village of Hara Seghira, (currently known as Er-Riadh), several kilometres southwest of Houmt Souk, the capital of Djerba.


The synagogue is the destination of an annual pilgrimage of many Tunisian Jews for the holiday of Lag BaOmer, which takes place 33 days after the beginning of the celebration of Passover.[1]

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  • Virtual tour [1]

Coordinates: 33°48′54″N 10°51′31″E / 33.8149361111°N 10.8586916667°E / 33.8149361111; 10.8586916667