El Khiam

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El Khiam Point - first found at El Khiam
El Khiam
El Khiam is located in Israel
El Khiam
Shown within Israel
Location Israel
Coordinates 31°38′00″N 35°15′00″E / 31.633333°N 35.25°E / 31.633333; 35.25
Periods Mesolithic, Neolithic
Cultures Khiamian
Site notes
Excavation dates 1931, 1957, 1961
Archaeologists R. Neuville, André Parrot, González Echergaray
Public access Unknown

El Khiam is an archaeological site near Wadi Khureitun in the Judean desert in Israel, on the shores of the Dead Sea.

Archaeological finds at el-Khiam show nearly continuous habitation by groups of hunters since the Mesolithic and early Neolithic periods.[1] The Khiamian (c. 10000-9500 BCE) period, named for this site, is characterized by flint arrowheads now known as "El Khiam Points."[2]

El Khiam was first excavated by R. Neuville in 1934, by André Parrot in 1951 and González Echergaray in 1961.[2]


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