El Nasr Boys' School

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El Nasr Boys' School
مدرسة النصر للبنين / British Boys' School
British Boys schola
El Nasr Boys' School EBS logo.jpg
Long Live E.B.S
Alexandria,  Egypt
Coordinates 31°12′19″N 29°55′24″E / 31.205206°N 29.923323°E / 31.205206; 29.923323
Type Private
Established June, 1929
Opened June ,1929
School district District of El Shatby
Principal Mr Youssef Al Arnaoudy
Faculty None, controlled by Ministry Of Education, was controlled by British Occupation
Grades Kindergarten, Primary, Preparatory and Senior, including special high grades IGCSE and American Diploma
Campus type Urban
Color(s) Red, Blue and White

El Nasr Boys' School (EBS) (Arabic: مدرسة النصر للبنين‎) is an old school in El Shatby, Alexandria, Egypt It is one of the main old schools in the city. Founded in 1929 It has more than 4000 students in all stages


It was founded in 1929 by the British people, while Egypt was under the British Occupation in Alexandria as the British Boys' School it was renamed after the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 to El Nasr Boys' School.

It was built in El Shatby region in Alexandria, at its left there's Abo Quer St., At its right there's Aflaton St., Which leads to the Alexandrian Coast, infront of it there's the famous girls school El Nasr Girls College

Education System[edit]

The main building

School Anthem[edit]

Usually, Anthems are used only on primary stage, after that, in the Preparatory and the Senior ones, they only use the country anthem.

EBS is my second home
My sunny school & my dream
I go to learn & play,
I Go To Day After Day,
EBS is my second home.


Introduction to School[edit]

El Nasr Boys' School (British Boys' School) Previously, is a British school located near the coast of the Egyptian city of Alexandria in the Alexandrian Administrative Middle Zone, and it's known all over Alexandria, like the sister schools as Collège Saint Marc d'Alexandrie, El Nasr Girls' College and Lycée Al-Horreya. It's located exactly at Alexandrian District of Al-Shatbi where most of the national institutes lie and the school considered one of most successful schools in Arab world and Its country. it was established 1929 when Egypt was under the British Rule

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