El Putget i Farró

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Passatge de Sant Felip
View to the main entrances of the park gardens of the hill of Putxet

El Putget i Farró (or el Putxet i el Farró) is a neighbourhood in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district of Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain), located on a hill between Vallcarca and Sant Gervasi, urbanised after the 1870s. It is formed by two quarters, the former neighborhoods of el Putget and el Farró.

The primarily residential neighborhood Putxet is named after the hill (elevation 178 m (584 ft)) on which it is located (El turó del Putxet in Catalan meaning hill of Putxet). The uppermost part of the hill is covered by the public park 'gardens of the hill of Putxet' (Jardins del Turó del Putget in Catalan, see image).[1] This park was inaugurated in 1970 and covers 3.97 hectares.



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