El Rompido

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The lighthouse near the town centre in El Rompido

Coordinates: 37°13′N 7°07′W / 37.217°N 7.117°W / 37.217; -7.117

El Rompido is a coastal borough in the municipality of Cartaya which is situated in the province of Huelva. El Rompido was founded sometime in the 1500s. El Rompido is situated in the mouth of the Río Piedras. It has 1,737 inhabitants and is 8 kilometres away from Cartaya which connects to El Rompido via Carretera Forestal de las Cumbres.

Other information[edit]

One of El Rompido's main industries is tourism. The first rounds of tourism came in the 1970s and 1980s. In El Rompido there are a few four or five star hotels, a town centre and several golf courses. Situated in Andalucía, neighbouring towns include Cartaya, Lepe, Punta Umbria and Ayamonte. The economy also used to rely on fishing as it is on the coast, next to a spit named Fletcha de el Rompido (English: Arrow of El Rompido). Almadraba tuna fishing attracted many Portuguese workers and people alike.

The fletcha