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El Salvador
Flag of El Salvador
Flag of El Salvador
ICC membership granted n/a
ICC member status non-member
ICC development region Americas
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Captain Andrew Murgatroyd
Coach Andrew Murgatroyd
First recorded match 16 November 2007 v Costa Rica in Mexico
As of 15 october 2014

The El Salvador cricket team represents the country of El Salvador in international cricket matches. El Salvador is not yet a member of the International Cricket Council and is working on gaining eligibility to play in the regional ICC Americas Championship.


Cricket was played in El Salvador in the 1970s by the large amounts of British expats living here. However almost no local players were brought into the sport and so when the expats left- due to security issues - the sport died out.[1]

In recent years cricket has returned to the country, with the first formal league games being played in 2004 and on 20 November 2007 El Salvador competed in its first international tournament, playing against Costa Rica in the 2nd Central American Cricket Championship . They were able to gain admission into the competition as a result of a last minute pull out by Belize. They were beaten in both their matches and finished the competition in last place - however the national team of the time consisted of 3 under 18 and a total 6 local players. the seeds of future success had been planted.

In 2008, El Salvador took part in the inaugural Easter Cup Twenty20 competition and recorded its first international win over Nicaragua. They finished second overall in the competition, losing to Costa Rica. The second Easter Cup in December that year was a step up in professionalism. It was now hosted by El Salvador and saw Belize, Mexico and Costa Rica also take part. El Salvador finished in last place losing both their games, but again impressing with a dedicated youth contingent and local players were gaining important experience. Noticebaly Carlos Arbizu scored a 50 and was awarded Man Of The Match against Mexico, while Roberto Guardardo, just 17, took 3 wickets.

El Salvador travelled to Costa Rica in 2009 to take part in the 3rd Central American Championship. In the new Twenty20 format, however with no sponsor of any kind, the away team is selected on ability to pay and so is inevitably a weakened outfit. The team was looking forward to a first win against Costa Rica however it was never to be - however some measure of revenge was gained as the margin of defeat in the remaining games was less then those experienced by the hosts - who also never managed another win - ES performed credibly for a fledgling unit.

In 2012 (Season 8) El Salvador recently started the "Las Cenizas" (The Ashes) series against neighbouring country Guatemala. It is an annual best of five series. First series Guatemala won 5-0, but at least 3 of them were tight games El Salvador felt they should have won. The entered the second series in 2013 more confident. It was justified as the took the trophy home with a 3-2 victory. More an more telling performances were being made by local players - Guillermo Estrada and Frank Rivera were becoming regular wicket takers and Miguel Villalta and Raul Chacon were scoring runs - the latter still holds the national record for a hundred scored against Guatemala in the 4th game of the second series!

Their flagship tournamnet remians the Volcano Cup - to which they always play host - th efirst cersion wa splayed back in 2009 and Costa Rica won - howere in the rmeianing 5 version th ehosts have won the tournamnet 3 times - including a cherished win against Mexico in 2012

Th eloacl League has grown and d=adpated over time to the skills and demands o fthe players - its current form is in it secon dyear and is split into 2 division : the Permierhsip is for the elite players. A series of 5 games agnist the top two teams fo Maynsa CC and Warriors CC. Whiel the Champiosnhip is a league format compete for between 4 teams: Cuscatlan Chiefs, Atlacatl Knights, 1821 Jaguars & Ceiba.

Tournament history[edit]

Central American Championship

  • 2006: Did not participate
  • 2007: 3rd place
  • 2009: 5th place

Easter Cup

  • Apr 2008: 2nd place
  • Dec 2008: 4th place


El Salvador hope to become a member of the ICC in the near future and thus be able to play in official regional ICC tournaments.[2]

Volcano Cup History[edit]

2009- 1st- Costa Rica, 2nd El Salvador 2010- 1st- El Salvador, 2nd Central American All Stars 2011- 1st- El Salvador, 2nd Central American All Stars 2012- 1st- El Salvador 2nd-Mexico 3rd- Guatemala 2013- 1st- Central America All Stars- 2nd El Salvador