El Señor de los Cielos

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El Señor de los Cielos
Promotional poster of season 2
Genre Telenovela
Created by Luis Zelkowicz
Mariano Calasso
Andrés López
Directed by Danny Gavidia
Walter Doehner (74 episodes, season 1)
José Luis García Agraz (84 episodes, season 2)
Theme music composer Marco Flores
Opening theme "Jefe de todos and El verdadero jefe de todos" by Cardenales de Nuevo León
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 158 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Martha Godoy
Marcela Mejía
Producer(s) Ana Graciela Ugalde
Running time 42-45 minutes
Distributor Telemundo Internacional
Caracol Televisión Internacional
Argos Comunicación
Original channel Telemundo
Picture format HDTV 1080i
Audio format Stereophonic sound
Original run April 15, 2013 (2013-04-15) – present
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El Señor de los Cielos (The Lord of the Skies) is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by United States-based television network Telemundo Studios, Miami and Colombian Caracol TV.

In May 2012, Telemundo announced a primetime broadcast for El Señor de los Cielos, as part of the 2013 season.[1] From April 15, 2013 to August 5, 2013, Telemundo aired El Señor de los Cielos weeknights at 10pm/9c, replacing El Rostro de la Venganza.[2][3] As with most of its other telenovelas, the network broadcast English subtitles as closed captions on CC3.

While working on Los Corderos, Arturo Barba reported that he is preparing for the second season of El Señor de los Cielos, which will start to be recorded in November 2013.[4] Robinson Díaz also confirmed in an interview from Colombia that he would be recording the second season.

The second season of El Señor de los Cielos began to be recorded in November 2013, the taping will be shot in Veracruz.[5]

Telemundo's April 15, 2013 premiere of El Señor de los Cielos averaged 2.3 million viewers.[6] The August 5, 2013 finale broadcast averaged 3.6 million viewers.[7]

During the Telemundo Upfront, it was announced that El Señor de los Cielos will be renewed for a third season.[8]


Aurelio Casillas is a man of humble origins who dreamed it all. Through his relentless will and courageous determination, Aurelio goes from being a poor peasant to one of the richest men in the world and a powerful drug trafficker wanted by the DEA. Aurelio covers the whole spectrum of what the human soul can be, from the virtuous to the unthinkable, all powered by his overwhelming desire for power and wealth. His life becomes a quest for survival when his numerous enemies begin to hunt him down and is wanted by the DEA. He then realizes that the only way out is starting a new life as a new man and decides to get a facial reconstruction. Aurelio discovers that once you choose the dangerous road to riches, there is no turning back.

When the world finds Aurelio Casillas had died trying to change his face, it discovers that his plan was to return from the shadows to eliminate his enemies and eventually expand its network of drug trafficking throughout the world.

Aurelio believes having his worst enemy, Chema Venegas, cornered can definitely win him the war. However Chema turns the tables on Aurelio by sleeping and impregnating his daughter, Rutila. The struggle between these two capos goes beyond a rivalry in business to become a personal struggle. The strength of The Lord of the Skies will be tested in this series with a new season full of action, intrigue, romance and suspense, even more than their protagonists lived in the first.


El Señor de los Cielos reimagines and follows the life and times of Amado Carrillo Fuentes as he became a bonafide Mexican drug lord, and rising from the ranks to become the head of the Juarez Cartel in the 1980s and 1990s . Amado Carrillo became known as "El Señor de los Cielos" (Lord of the Skies) because of the large fleet of jets he used to transport drugs. He was also known for laundering over U.S. $20 million via Colombia to finance his huge fleet of aircraft. The Drug Enforcement Administration described Carrillo as the most powerful drug trafficker of his era.

He died in a Mexican hospital after undergoing extensive plastic surgery to change his appearance. In his final days Carrillo was being tracked by Mexican and U.S. authorities. He is considered one of the richest criminals in history, with an estimated net worth of $25 billion.


Filming begun on January 14 of 2013 in Mexico.[9] According to Telemundo, this will be the most expensive produced telenovela to date. The record was previously held by La Reina del Sur where he co-starred as Raimundo Dávila Parra "El Güero". As of 2010, the estimated production budget was estimated between $10 million and $20 million.[10]Andrés Parra will guest star once again playing Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar just mere months after starring in Pablo Escobar: El Patrón del Mal on the same time slot. Carmen Villalobos will also play a special role. She is best remember as Catalina Santana in another Telemundo production Sin Senos no hay Paraiso where she played an underage call girl for Colombian drug lords.


Actor Character Seasons
1 2 3
Rafael Amaya Aurelio Casillas "El Señor de los Cielos" Main
Ximena Herrera Ximena Letrán Main
Carmen Villalobos Leonor Ballesteros Recurring Main
Mauricio Ochmann José María "Chema" Venegas Guest Main
Raúl Méndez[11] Víctor Casillas "Chacorta" Main
Fernanda Castillo Mónica Robles Main
Marlene Favela[12] Victoria Navárez "La Gober" Recurring
Robinson Díaz Miltón Jiménez "El Cabo" Main Recurring
Gabriel Porras Marco Mejía Recurring

Main Cast[edit]

  • Aurelio Casillas (Rafael Amaya), Aurelio, tall, virile, athletic and northern; He is discreet as paranoid and as brave as a traitor. He is especially ambitious and a cynical man who does not believe in the ideals and does not support anyone to challenge his honor. Aurelio begins to export large amounts of drugs in planes all over thus earning him the name El Senor de los Cielos. Aurelio kills anyone who stands in his way and all who betray him. He loves his family and always tries to give them the best of everything. Even though he is married and has a mistress, he has many lovers. His weakness are women. But will kill them if they get in his way. Aurelio is very macho but can be very humorous at times as well as lose his temper when he is mad. He fakes his death in the end of season 1 just to come back stronger than ever to get revenge on all who did him wrong. In this second season some time has passed and Aurelio has been hiding his face while controlling his cartel. Many believe he is dead but not all. After spending time in Colombia, he returns to Mexico to recover their territories in a war against El Chema.[13][14]
  • Ximena Letrán (Ximena Herrera), Daughter of Don Cleto and got involved with Aurelio romantically at a young age. She is the woman and mother of Aurelio's 3 children. She is a beautiful woman, with that haughty beauty that women in the north. She has always lived in the world of drug and although she has never been directly involved or in the business of his father or of her partner, knows perfectly how they operate. Until recently she had with Aurelio a fairly open relationship, which tolerated the infidelities of Aurelio knowing that she was the woman he really loved; however, once they decide to marry and Aurelio promises that he will not be unfaithful, Ximena is not willing to tolerate him to break his promise until he learns of his relationship with Monica Robles (Fernanda Castillo). After much suffering and being trapped in the criminal world, she begins a relationship with Aurelio's right-hand man, Turco, after leaving Aurelio, she goes with Turco and her 2 daughters away from the crazy life she lived only to find out Turco's true intentions. After she leaves him and goes back to Mexico, she moves in to one of her father's old houses in Sinaloa and begins to live her life the way she wants. Ximena begins a relationship with Santiago, later Aurelio sends for his men to kill Santiago. Santiago dies, and one of Aurelio's men accidentally shoot Ximena. Ximena dies at the hospital.[13][14]
  • Leonor Ballesteros (Carmen Villalobos), She is a Colombian woman, cold, direct woman who knows what she wants. She is very blunt and direct about what she is thinking but has a sense of humor. She is a Special Agent from the Colombian intelligence department and has been in multiple counterintelligence operations and infiltration into the drug cartels with high efficiency. She is a caring woman of good feelings with a series of physical and emotional wounds in her history, which led her to be dedicated to her work primarily, leaving aside his personal life. Still grieving over the death of her beloved Marco Mejia, Leonor continues to follow the steps as Aurelio is convinced he is still alive and therefore will not rest until we find it. In season 2 Leonor is determined to prove that Aurelio is still alive, she ends up going to jail for some years and when she gets out she marries Ignacio so she is not deported back to Colombia and continues working on proving that Aurelio is alive. She starts to fall in love with Ignacio and gets him involved in fighting against the narcos. In the final episode of season 2 she finally captures Aurelio and takes him to jail.[13][14]
  • José María "Chema" Venegas (Mauricio Ochmann)), Jose Maria Venegas was born in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, in a hospital that was only a few meters from the United States. The son of an American mother and a Mexican father, I not only grew up marked by the influence of the two cultures, but also by the paranoia and cunning which they spend crossing from side to side of the border more closely guarded world . With the passage of time, the legend of "Chema" It was growing meteorically to partner with lords distribution in the United States, particularly with Randy and his American cartel white collar lawyers and financiers, for which operated . There is no one in New Mexico or California who does not know him. His figure combines the charisma and creativity of Pablo Escobar, the low profile and strategic intelligence Aurelio Casillas.[13][14]
  • Víctor Casillas "Chacorta" (Raúl Méndez), Aurelio's brother, still stumbling. He is very good with a gun and one of Aurelio's most trusted. He is very loyal to Aurelio and supports him in every decision even if he believes it is wrong. He has two sons. His ex-wife Matilde has declared war to the death. And his eldest son is a drug trafficker disapprover. In season 2, He has fallen in love with a beautiful, cold and extremely flirtatious woman, Irma. Increasingly getting into trouble will go worse, at the expense even of what you most want in life.[13][14]
  • Mónica Robles (Fernanda Castillo), Very beautiful and strong willed woman. Like Ximena, was born and raised in the world of drug cartels, but unlike Ximena, Monica was involved in the drug world, since leaving college. Monica was Aurelio's lover. Along with her two brothers, they ran the business their father inherited them and she was head of strategic finance and assumed the same position after her eldest brother Isidro died, she suspected it was Aurelio who had killed him and swore to get vengeance on the person who killed her brother. Monica always forgave Aurelio, even after she found out he was the person behind both her brother's death and even after he killed her. She is a dominate woman driven by passion and she can kill whoever you put in front. Her only weakness was Aurelio. She is very jealous of any woman who gets near Aurelio. In season 2, Monica reveals Aurelio did not kill her and that she is not dead. Aurelio runs back to her to ask for forgiveness, she takes him back and she becomes his official woman in season 2. Monica does not care if Aurelio sleeps with other woman as long as he does not fall in love with any of them. Monica later gets pregnant by Aurelio but miscarries because of the damage the stab wounds he gave her when he attempted to kill her in season 1. Together, Aurelio and Monica get over the loss of their baby and some time later she becomes pregnant again. In the last episode of season 2, Monica has her baby boy and names him Isidro after her older brother that she loved like a father.[13][14]
  • Victoria Navárez "La Gober" (Marlene Favela), Victoria was born in Zapopan, Jalisco Mexico and is the only daughter of Pedro Nevárez legendary state senator. When his mother died, when she had just graduated from high school, he moved to Mexico City to study law, and thanks to his intelligence and maturity, quickly took the place of "first lady" in social events I attended his father swiftly learning the ins and outs of the world of politics. It just received her law, disillusioned by unrequited love, Victoria decided to Jalisco to be close to Don Pedro, already tired of parliamentary life, had decided to leave the conference and installed as mayor of Guadalajara. The beautiful Victoria, was in the front row as the charismatic Don Pedro NAVAREZ had become a central figure in state politics. All contractors, producers and other entrepreneurs Tequila, made him this legendary political attentions to everyone saw as a future governor. But were the offers of the narcos and that things changed color, because the interests were not the same, and the obligations assumed deals.[13][14]
  • Miltón Jiménez "El Cabo" (Robinson Díaz), A Pacific Cartel narco seeking to control the drug business with Mexicans.[13][14]
  • Marco Mejía (Gabriel Porras), is a cop who follows the steps Mexican narcos, and has sworn revenge after suffering firsthand the death of his father at the hands of the narcos.[13][14]

United States broadcast[edit]

Season Timeslot (ET/PT) # Ep. Premiered Ended Rank Viewers live+SD (in millions)
Date Premiere
(in millions)
Date Finale
(in millions)
Season 1 Monday to Friday 10pm/9c


74 April 15, 2013 2.346[15] August 5, 2013 N/A #2[16] N/A
Season 2 84 May 26, 2014 2.739[17] September 22, 2014 3.186[18] #1[19] 3.2[19]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated Result
2013 Premios Tu Mundo[20][21]
Novela of the Year El Señor de los Cielos Nominated[20]
Favorite Lead Actor Rafael Amaya Nominated[20]
Favorite Lead Actress Ximena Herrera Nominated[20]
The Best Bad Boy Robinson Diaz Won[20]
The Best Bad Boy Fernanda Castillo Nominated[20]
Sara Corrales Nominated[20]
Best Supporting Actress Angélica Celaya Nominated[20]
Best Supporting Actor Raúl Méndez Nominated[20]
The Perfect Couple Rafael Amaya and Ximena Herrera Nominated[20]
Premios People en Español
Best Actress Ximena Herrera Nominated
Best Actor Rafael Amaya Nominated
Best Female Antagonist Fernanda Castillo Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Carmen Villalobos Nominated
Best telenovela El Señor de los Cielos Nominated
2014 Miami Life Awards
Best Leading Male Rafael Amaya Nominated
Best Leading Female Ximena Herrera Nominated
Premios Tu Mundo[22][23]
Novela of the Year El Señor de los Cielos Nominated[22][23]
Favorite Lead Actor Rafael Amaya Won[22][23]
Favorite Lead Actress Carmen Villalobos Nominated[22][23]
The Best Bad Boy Mauricio Ochmann Nominated[22][23]
The Best Bad Girl Fernanda Castillo Nominated[22][23]
Best Supporting Actor Raúl Méndez Nominated[22][23]
The Perfect Couple Fernanda Castillo and Rafael Amaya Nominated[22][23]
¡Qué papacito! Rafael Amaya Nominated[22][23]
International Emmys[24]
Non-English Language Us Primetime Program El Señor de los Cielos Won[24][25]
Premios People en Español[26]
Best Actress Marlene Favela Pending[26]
Galanazo del año Rafael Amaya Pending[26]
Best chemistry on screen Fernanda Castillo y Rafael Amaya Pending[26]
Novela of the Year El Señor de los Cielos 2 Pending[26]
Best female antagonist Fernanda Castillo Pending[26]


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