El Talismán

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El Talismán
El Talisman Poster Official.JPG
Directed by Arquimies Rivero
Dulce Tran
Starring Blanca Soto
Rafael Novoa
Aarón Díaz
Lola Ponce
Opening theme El Talisman by Rosana Arbelo
Ending theme Me Voy by Paulina Rubio
Country of origin USA/Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 98 [1]
Executive producer(s) Peter Tinoco
Carlos Sotomoyer
Location(s) Tijuana, Mexico
San Antonio, Texas
Los Angeles, California
Fresno, California
Miami, Florida
Running time 40-50 minutes
Production company(s) Venevision
Distributor Venevision
Original channel Univision
Picture format 480i SDTV
1080i HDTV
Original run January 30, 2012 – June 15, 2012
Preceded by Una familia con suerte
Followed by Corazón Apasionado
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El Talismán (The Talisman) is a telenovela co-produced by Venevision and Univision Studios, starring Blanca Soto and Rafael Novoa as the main protagonists,[2] and Aarón Díaz, Lola Ponce, and Marcela Mar as the main antagonists.[3] Univision had announced that El Talismán would air on the network as part of the 2011–2012 programming schedule,[4][5] and was confirmed to air in 2012 on November 11, 2011.[6] Though 120 episodes were planned to be produced,[7] the episode count was reduced to a total of 98 due to low ratings.

From January 30 to February 3, 2012, Univision aired El Talismán at 8pm central, replacing one hour of Una familia con suerte,[8] and later at 9pm central from February 6 to March 9, 2012.[9] Though El Talismán was seen by 5 million viewers during its premiere day,[10] viewership declined overtime during its prime time airings. As a result, Univision aired El Talismán at 1pm central from March 12[11][12] to June 15, 2012.[13]


  • Blanca Soto as Camila Nájera de Ibarra - Elvira's daughter, Esteban's dedicated daughter, Armando's sister,María′s niece,Ángel′s cousin, Antonio's dedicated ex-wife; Pedro's wife.
  • Rafael Novoa as Pedro Ibarra - A Mexican immigrant, Bernardo's helper, Mariana's dedicated ex-husband, a ranch owner of "El Talismán"; Camila's husband.
  • Aarón Díaz as Antonio Negrete - Gregorio's deceased son, Lucrecia's deceased brother, Panchito's deceased half-brother, Florencia and Fabiola's deceased father, Mariana's deceased ex-lover, Doris and Camila's deceased ex-husband; killed by police officers to rescue Camila.
  • Lola Ponce as Lucrecia Negrete - Gregorio's dedicated daughter, Antonio's dedicated sister, Panchito's half-sister, Florencia and Fabiola's aunt, Doris' sister-in-law and step-daughter, obsessed with Pedro; ends up crazy under the care of Pancho.
  • Marcela Mar as Doris de Negrete / Catherine - Antonio's dedicated ex-wife, Fabiola and Florencia's mother, Gregorio's dedicated daughter-in-law, lover and widow, Lucrecia's sister-in-law and step-mother,≠ a prostitute in Brigite's brothel named Catherine; thrown out of "El Alcatráz" by Panchito.
  • Karyme Lozano as Mariana Aceves - Bernardo and Matilde's deceased daughter, Antonio's deceased ex-lover, Pedro's deceased ex-wife, Paty's deceased niece, formerly traumatized as a result for losing her baby, kidnapped by Gregorio and was considered as missing for many years before reappearing, former secretary; shot to death by Gregorio.
  • Julieta Rosen as Elvira Rivera de Nájera - Esteban's widow, Camila and Armando's mother, Manuel and Gregorio's former lover,María′s sister, ambitious; thrown out of Renato's apartment.
  • Roberto Vander as Esteban Nájera - Elvira's deceased husband, Camila and Armando's deceased father, formerly addicted to gambling; commits suicide after a gambling relapse causes him to lose ownership of "El Talismán".
  • Sergio Reynoso as Don Gregorio Negrete - Deceased ranch owner of "El Alcatráz", desired to buy "El Talismán", Antonio's deceased step-father, Lucrecia's deceased father, Fabiola and Florencia's deceased grandfather, Panchito's deceased father, Doris' deceased father-in-law, lover and husband, Elvira's deceased former lover, Bernardo's deceased former neighbor, Pedro's deceased neighbor; commits suicide after learning about Antonio's death.
  • Pablo Azar as José Armando Nájera - Elvira's son, Esteban's dedicated son, Camila's brother,María′s nephew,Ángel′s cousin,Fabiola′s boyfriend.
  • Braulio Castillo as Renato Leduc - A gigolo that was after Elvira's money, Elvira's deceased ex-husband, Rita's deceased lover; killed in a plane explosion with Rita.
  • Roberto Huicochea as Valentin Ramos - "El Alcatráz"'s foreman, Gregorio's henchmen; ends up in prison.
  • Paola Pedroza as Tracy Guadalupe Perez - "El Talismán"'s former chef, Renato's housekeeper, "El Alcatráz"'s chef, Camila's friend,Panchó′s fianceé.
  • German Barrios as Bernando Aceves - Mariana's deceased father, Matilde's deceased widower, Gregorio's former neighbor, Paty's deceased brother; died from cancer.
  • Rodrigo Vidal as Panchito Negrete - Gregorio's dedicated bastard son, Antonio's dedicated half-brother, Lucrecia's half-brother, "El Alcatráz"'s laborer, in love with Tracy; inherits "El Alcatráz" and Don Gregorio's fortune after his suicide.
  • Joaquin Gil as Margarito Flores - "El Talismán"'s foreman, Claudio's dedicated father, Pedro's best friend, Santiago's "father".
  • Gloria Mayo as Patricia "Paty" Aceves - Mariana's deceased aunt, Bernardo and Matlide's deceased sister; accidentally killed in a car explosion with Claudio caused by Lucas (Mariana was to be killed, as per Don Gregorio's order).
  • Isabel Burr as Fabiola Negrete - Doris' daughter, Antonio's dedicated daughter, Lucrecia's niece, Gregorio's dedicated granddaughter,Florencia′s sister,Armando′s girlfriend  ; moved to Canada.
  • Sandra Itzel as Florencia Negrete - Doris' daughter, Antonio's dedicated daughter, Lucrecia's niece, Gregorio's dedicated granddaughter,Fabiola′s sister, liked Armando,Ángel′s girlfriend ; moved to Canada.
  • Gustavo Pedraza as Tomas Guerrido - Camila and Genoveva's friend and colleague, Genoveva's husband.
  • Glauber Barceló as Claudio Flores - Margarito's deceased son, Gabriel's deceased best friend, former worker for "El Talismán", liked Florencia; accidentally killed in a car explosion with Patricia caused by Lucas (Mariana was to be killed, as per Don Gregorio's order).
  • Lyduan González as Gabriel Barrasa - Claudio's bestfriend, "El Talismán"'s worker, married to Sarita.
  • Yuli Ferreira as Rita Ledesma - Renato's deceased lover; killed in a plane explosion with Renato.
  • Nadia Escobar - Alberta Sierra - Fabiola and Florencia's nanny, Tracy's friend, "El Alcatráz"'s servant.
  • Alma Delfina as Matilde Aceves - Bernardo's deceased wife, Mariana's deceased mother, Paty's deceased sister-in-law; suffered from emphysema and died afterwards.
  • Hilda Luna as Domitila - "El Talismán"'s servant.
  • Juan Cepero as Jim Smith - Boss of Camila, Genoveva and Tomas.
  • Freddy Viquez as Lucas - Gregorio's henchmen, Doris' lover, betrayed Gregorio.
  • Víctor Cámara as Manuel Bermúdez - A clinical psychologist, María's colleague and husband, seduced by Elvira.
  • Eva Tamargo as María Rivera - Elvira's estranged sister, Camila and Armando's aunt. Ángel's mother, in love with Manuel, whom she marries.
  • Adrián Carvajal as Ángel Espinoza - María's son, Elvira's nephew, Camila and Armando's cousin, in love with Florencia.
  • Victoria Zapata as Main secretary for Dr. María Rivera and Dr. Manuel Bermúdez

International release[edit]

Country Network(s) Series premiere Series finale Title Timeslot
 United States Univision January 30, 2012 June 15, 2012 El Talismán
 Nicaragua Televicentro March 5, 2012 July 20, 2012 El Talismán
 Estonia Kanal 2 June 25, 2012 November 12, 2012 Talisman
 Lithuania LNK August 18, 2012 present Talismanas
 Spain Nova September 10, 2012 present El Talismán
 Israel Viva September 11, 2012 present הקמע
 Georgia ImediTV January 3, 2013 present თილისმა
 Mexico Cadenatres June 17, 2013 present El Talisman
 El Salvador TCS August 15, 2013 El Talisman
 Poland Novela tv


October 7, 2013

May 12, 2014

February 25, 2014


Talizman 21.00


 Angola ZAP 2014 O Talismã


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