El Universal (Caracas)

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Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Founded 1909
Language Spanish / English (digital version only)
Headquarters Caracas, Venezuela
Official website www.eluniversal.com
El Universal Building, Caracas

El Universal is a major Venezuelan newspaper, headquartered in Caracas with an average daily circulation of about 150,000.[dubious ][1] The online version carries news, politics, sports, economy and more.

El Universal was founded in April 1909 in Caracas by the Venezuelan poet Andrés Mata and his friend Andrés Vigas.[1] Its main rival is El Nacional.

It is considered to be conservative and business-oriented,[1] though it has at times both supported and criticized the policies of former President Hugo Chávez. On the morning of 13 April 2002, when the removal of Hugo Chavez in what later came to be referred to as the 2002 Venezuelan coup d'état attempt appeared a success, the paper headlined ¡Un Paso Adelante! (One Step Forward!).[2][3]

El Universal is part of the Latin American Newspaper Association (Spanish, Periódicos Asociados Latinoamericanos), an organization of leading newspapers in Latin America.


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