El capo

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El capo
Written by Gustavo Bolívar M.
Directed by Riccardo Gabrielli R.
Lilo Vilaplana
Starring Marlon Moreno
Katherine Velez
Marcela Mar
Maria Adelaida Puerta
Diego Trujillo
Natalia Jerez
Elkin Diaz
Oscar Borda
Manuel Sarmiento
Producer(s) Amparo López Dirección
Original channel TeleFutura (2009-2010)
MundoFox (2012-present)

El Capo is a television series made by Fox Telecolombia and written by Gustavo Bolivar for RCN Television, based on its namesake book. This is the most expensive series ever produced in Colombia. The set has an underground bunker, and expensive props like a virgin made of gold. It is estimated that the series cost about 18 billion Colombian pesos.

The series follows the story of the fictional drug lord Pedro Pablo León Jaramillo, a man who by necessity, chance and ambition has become the richest and most wanted drug trafficker in Colombia. Despite his immense wealth, Pedro Pablo has maintained a low profile over the course of his life and has kept his role as a drug cartel leader a secret from his friends and family. This strategy has allowed him to fly under the radar of the authorities for years, but has also inadvertently created a complex web of betrayals, loves and hates that grows beyond his control. As the truth is revealed, Pedro Pablo's world begins falling apart around him. The story became a personal obsession for Bolivar, written in first person, and was based on what he would do if he were "El capo." Bolivar's research for the series included a lengthy investigation, including direct contact with other drug traffickers in prison.

The series airs in the United States with the first season airing on the TeleFutura network from 2009-2010. The second and third seasons began airing on MundoFox.


  • Marlon Moreno as Pedro Pablo León Jaramillo (El Capo): As the most wanted and wealthiest drug lord in history, he achieved notoriety for his strategies and ability to keep a low profile. He has created a world with love, intrigue, and deceptions which he falsely believes he can control.
  • Katherine Velez as Isabel Cristina: She is married to the boss and has known him since childhood. Her sincere and deep love for her husband does not allow her to see the truth about him.
  • Marcela Mar as Marcela Lievano: She is a journalist well known for her persistence and ability to get great story leads. Her lust for power led her to seek an interview with the boss going as far as altering her appearance through plastic surgery to become more pleasing to him. She eventually seduces him and becomes his lover because he killed her fiance. She plots to become his lover and then kill him, but then she supposedly falls in love and is torn between avenging her fiance and her love for the Capo.
  • Diego Trujillo as Defense Minister, Guillermo Olguín: His life is his work; his main goal is to capture the drug lord in order to guarantee his stay in ministry. He loves his family and while he fears for them, he is driven by his desire to capture El Capo.
  • Maria Adelaida Puerta as La Perrys: She is a cold, calculating woman and a natural born assassin. She has great admiration for the boss. Despite being female, she holds her own with the men that surround El Capo.
  • Elkin Diaz as Nacho: He is the younger brother of El Capo. He was dragged into the narco-trafficking business by his brother who has always been his mentor. He is El Capo's right hand man but his character is weak and malleable.
  • Natalia Jerez as Julieta: She is the daughter of El Capo and also the wife of the son of Minister of Defense. Educated in England, she is refined and well-cultured.
  • Manuel Sarmiento as Chemo: A calculating and self-loyal man, he serves as a bodyguard for El Capo. He is the technological arm of the team and is also deeply in love with La Perrys.


The story begins in druglord Pedro Pablo's (El Capo) hidden underground bunker that is built under a swamp. Where he, his wife Isabel Cristina, his lover Marcela, and four of his men - his brother Nancho, Chemo, Perrys and Tato, are hiding to escape the army. Inside the bunker a cellphone is brought in by Isabel Cristina, who was unconscious at the time. The phone receives a call, and is intercepted by a spy plane which gives the order to keep operating. Outside the bunker, holding together a large military squad, camouflaged among the military, is fiscal Grisales, who is actually an infiltrator from El Capo. In the bunker El Capo monitors the outside thanks to a closed system of chambers and the prosecutor's reports. There are also a series of flashbacks which talk about how Pedro Pablo became rich, and how he met Marcela. Outside the bunker, the military discover something very rare in the lake and decide to scare out the animals living in the place using live ammunition. This causes animal rights groups and journalists to come on the scene, including the camouflaged son of El Capo, Juan Carlos. Marcela gets out of the bunker and meets with Juan Carlos and returns to the bunker with him. Two bombs are dropped in the lake above the bunker, causing leaks and damages. Finally, El Capo and his accomplices get out of the bunker and move to a farm, leaving the injured Tato behind. The army captures Tato while Isabel and Juan Carlos return to the city where they meet with Julieta. Julieta and Juan Carlos reveal to their spouses the true identity of their father, while Pedro tells his story to Marcela. Nancho persuades a terminally ill AIDS man, named "El Moro", to drive a car bomb to the Senate in exchange for 200 million pesos for his family. Nancho, unable to tell Juan Carlos about the bomb, inadvertently causes Juan to die in the explosion. Meanwhile, Marcela confesses her true intentions and reminded El Capo that in the past, Pedro Pablo had killed a journalist called Manchola, who was Marcela's fiance. Before his death, Manchola had revealed the true identity of El Capo as Pedro Pablo Leon Jaramillo. Isabel Cristina heard about the death of Juan Carlos from Julieta, while Perrys and Chemo rescued El Moro's children from their deaths and promise to take care of them. Pedro Pablo orders Nancho to take the body of Juan Carlos from the morgue. Meanwhile, Perrys and Chemo, in company of a nurse, attempt to get Tato from the hospital before the government can take him to jail.

After they steal the body of Juan Carlos -Pedro Pablo's son- el Capo and his men meet in the caves, unaware that soldiers are following them due Julieta had told everything to her husband's family. Minister Olguín with general Sarmiento and general Moncada lead a raid without the president's permission. Near the caves, el Capo is grieving his deceased son and cursing God. They enter the cave, while el Capo's family and the Minister are in prison. At that same moment, the minister is removed, Moncada, Sarmiento, and a lieutenant, are stated by the President as Capo infiltrators. Juan Carlos veil in the caves, remembering old times. The military prepares to attack, but the Minister orders that have open fire. At that time, the Ministry works independently, and goes into the caves in search of Capo. When found he, make the passes, León promise to find a solution to his family problems. When the military were found, there was a clash between the military against Chemo and Perrys and the others left the cave entering in secret exit through a waterfall. The fighting claimed the lives of Chemo, by soldiers, and Moncada and General Sarmiento, Perrys escaped. Now out of the caves, they found the body of Chemo. When things could not get worse, the now-General Gaviria, with some men, and other soldiers are searching for the Capo. The search ends. When the President is about to end his presidential race, for win votes for reelection, said that day as "E Day". Now the search of El Capo is increased with 20 Black hawk helicopters, 12 tanks of battle, 10,000 men from the anti- guerrilla squad, 6 combat aircraft f22-, and the spy plane. Extermination operation began, according to the president that day would not pass the Capo. Still, Pedro Pablo and the rest, buried with great sadness to Juan Carlos and Chemo, Perris swears take care of Moro's kids. Capo and his henchmen, seek the best place to hide while the army looks for them.

The Capo decide to surrender and save the integrity of his family, including his daughter he requests to the minister, contact the president informing him that Leon Jaramillo was released under two conditions: A cell -large and comfortable- and not be extradited. During these, Capo gives his ubbication. Leó´n Jaramillo is reported again and also sought the release of his family, where Shell decides to play dirty and communicate the family of Leon inside the jail, without the cunning of Juliet who asked to get out of the jail along with his family to the center. The President orders the initiation of "extermination". Leon Jaramillo and his accomplices were arrested by the army, having recorded his conversations with the president, separated from his associates who were sent to other prisons, Leon Jaramillo gives a memory card to a journalist friend of Marcela, requesting that the disclose when the time comes, Pedro Pablo refuses to conditions given. Meanwhile, his accomplices are in jail. The boss is moving to a maximum security prison. In a brawl planned by an old enemy of Capo, Nancho escapes. In the women's prison, another women attempts to assassinate Perrys, Isabel Cristina, the nurse that help Tato to escape from the hospital where he was taken to, Marcela, Minister's wife and another woman.then el capo escapes from prison and nancho dies when they escape from the cops chasing them. El capos mom dies from suffering because she thinks capo has died cause the get away car he had has blown up. El capo's life has fallen apart his mom is dead, his brother is dead, and know he decides to keep on letting people think he's dead. So when el capos family and friends are going to bury the fake "el Capo", the cops come and get el capo's wife and mistress.

When everyone thinks Pedro Pablo is dead and they bury his fake corpse, Tato and Perrys find out Pedro Pablo is still alive and plan to escape the cemetery because the military is looking for them. But La Perrys is pregnant and does not want to continue with the killing and escaping. She wants to do other things with her life and her adopted kids. So she leaves and the military captures Isabel Cristina and Marcela at the cemetery. Tato and Pedro Pablo escape in a stolen car and the military leaves Marcela on the street while they take Isabel Cristina to Pedro Pablo's old best friend. Everyone thinks he is dead though. Marcela doesn't know where the military is taking Isabel Cristina and finds out El Capo is still alive and goes to search for Isabel Cristina.

When it is ending it ends up when he is with the detective and the detective is pointing the gun at him and it sounds with the gun. Then continues when Marcela is selling her book about "El Capo".

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