El derecho de nacer (film)

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El derecho de nacer
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Zacarías Gómez Urquiza
Produced by Jesús Galindo and Pedro Galindo
Written by Félix B. Caignet (adapted by Ramón Pérez Peláez and Jesús Galindo)
Starring Gloria Marín], Jorge Mistral, Jose Luis Moreno, Julián Soler,Gloria Alonso, Eugenia Galindo, Martha Roth
Music by Raúl Lavista and Félix B. Caignet
Release date(s) 1951
Running time 90 minutes
Language Spanish

El Derecho de Nacer ("The Right to be Born") is a Mexican film produced in 1951. It is based on a Cuban radionovela (radioplay) of the same name by Félix B. Caignet. The movie, starred by Gloria Marín broke box-office records in Mexico when it was first released


María Teresa (Bárbara Gil) is a wealthy young woman who finds herself unmarried and pregnant. She approaches a doctor (Jorge Mistral) to obtain an abortion with the hopes of avoiding a scandal that would affect her family. The doctor, hoping to convince her otherwise, flashes back to an incident of his life to explain his "right to life" stance.

Full cast[edit]

  • Gloria Marín as María Elena
  • Jorge Mistral as Dr. Alberto Limonta
  • Jose Luis Moreno as Alberto Limonta Niño
  • Julián Soler as Don Rafael
  • Gloria Alonso as Matildita Niña
  • Eugenia Galindo
  • Martha Roth
  • José Baviera
  • Lupe Suárez
  • Bárbara Gil
  • José María Linares-Rivas
  • Matilde Palou
  • Queta Lavat
  • Tito Novaro
  • Salvador Quiroz
  • Manuel Trejo Morales
  • Adelina Ramallo
  • Rogelio Fernández
  • José Escanero
  • Alfredo Varela
  • Rubén Galindo

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