El jesuita

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El jesuita
El Jesuita.jpg
Cover of the 2010 edition
Author Sergio Rubin
Country Argentina
Language Spanish
Subject Jorge Mario Bergoglio
Genre Biography
Publication date
2010 (re-published 2013)

El jesuita (Spanish: The Jesuit) is a biography of Jorge Bergoglio, who became Pope Francis in 2013. Written by Sergio Rubin, it is the only biography of him that appeared before his election as Pope.


Sergio Rubin developed the idea in a conversation with Francesca Ambrogetti following the Papal conclave of 2005 that elected Pope Benedict XVI. At that time, media reports based on an anonymous diary of a participant in the conclave said that Bergoglio had received 40 votes in the third ballot.

Bergoglio first resisted the idea of a book about him, but gave in to their continued requests. Rubin and Ambrogetti met with him monthly for a year and half. Those meetings were the only occasions when Bergoglio discussed his life during Argentina's Dirty War.[1]

The book was published in 2010. A reprinting is scheduled for 2013, a reflection of the increased interest on Bergoglio after his election as Pope.[1]


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