El nervio del volcán

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El Nervio del Volcán
Studio album by Caifanes
Released July 1994
Recorded February-April 1994, O'Henry Sound Studios
Genre Rock en español
Latin Rock
Length 46:49
Label Sony Music
Producer Greg Ladanyi, Saúl Hernández, Alfonso André, Alejandro Marcóvich
Caifanes chronology
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El nervio del volcán
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El Nervio del Volcán (The Nerve of the Volcano) is an album released by Mexican Rock en español band Caifanes in July 1994.

With bassist Sabo Romo and keyboardist Diego Herrera out of the band since 1993, Saúl Hernández (voice), Alfonso André (drums), and Alejandro Marcóvich (guitars) were the remaining band members left to record Caifanes' fourth studio album in Los Angeles, California between the months of February and April 1994. The album included the hit single "Afuera."

This is the last album by Caifanes. In 1995 Hernández formed a new incarnation of his previous band, Jaguares, due to legal disputes and fallout with lead guitar Alejandro Marcóvich.

Guest artists included Graham Nash, Stuart Hamm, Federico Fong,Yann Zaragoza and Cecilia Toussaint.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by Saúl Hernández, except where noted. 

No. Title Translation of Title Length
1. "Afuera"   Outside 4:48
2. "Miedo"   Fear 3:37
3. "Aquí no es así" (music: Alejandro Marcovich, Saúl Hernández, Alfonso André, lyrics: Hernández, Marcovich) It's Not Like That Here 4:54
4. "Ayer me dijo un ave"   Yesterday A Bird Told Me 3:29
5. "Hasta que dejes de respirar" (music: André, lyrics: Hernández) Until You Stop Breathing 4:09
6. "Aviéntame"   Throw Me 4:32
7. "El animal" (music: Marcovich, André, Hernández, Federico Fong, lyrics: Hernández) The Animal 3:02
8. "Quisiera ser alcohol"   Wish I Were Alcohol 5:09
9. "Pero nunca me caí" (music: Marcovich, lyrics: Hernández) Yet I Never Fell 4:12
10. "El año del dragón"   The Year of the Dragon 3:47
11. "La Llorona"   The Weeping Woman 5:10



  • Saúl Hernández - vocals, 2nd rhythm guitar on "El año del dragón"
  • Alejandro Marcovich - electric and acoustic guitars, violin on "Miedo" and "La Llorona"
  • Alfonso André - drums, percussion, drum programming on "Hasta que dejes de respirar"


  • Federico Fong - fretted and fretless basses
  • Yann Zaragoza - piano, Hammond organ, synthesizer (except on "Aquí no es así")
  • Cecilia Toussaint - choirs on "Afuera", "Aquí no es así", and "Hasta que dejes de respirar"
  • Lenny Castro - percussion
  • Stuart Hamm - fretless bass on "Quisiera ser alcohol"
  • Jerry Hey - trumpet on "Quisiera ser alcohol"
  • Jerry Goodman - electric violin on "El animal" and "Pero nunca me caí"
  • Graham Nash - harmonica on "Pero nunca me caí"
  • Jeffrey Marty Vanston - synthesizer on "Aquí no es así" and "Ayer me dijo un ave"