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Elaine Willcox is a British television reporter. Currently employed by ITV Granada.

Personal life[edit]

Wilcox was born in Berlin Germany, after her father was stationed in the city as part of the Royal Engineers, she was brought up in Newcastle where she stayed to complete a degree in English and History.

She now lives in North West England. Elaine lives with her husband and two sons.

Media career[edit]

Elaine was part of a team which won a BAFTA in 2007 for covering the impact of the Morecambe Bay Cockling tragedy for ITV Granada.[1] This, to date, is the only occasion where a BAFTA has gone to a regional news programme.

In September 2007 she joined GMTV as North West England Correspondent, after three years, she returned to ITV Granada as a reporter for regional news programme Granada Reports.


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